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  1. I have no shame...

    So what should a b303 feel like? What should my timing be set at?

    I've read advanced all the way, I've read stock timing. It shakes the whole frikin car and backfires until warm at 14 degrees.

    I've never had a cammed car before. Should it shake enough to see the motor shake, the gear shifter shake, and rattle the interior at idle? As in I can feel it in the seat. The hood moves when it's up. I need to know so I can smooth it out if it needs it. I've been searching youtube but everyone posts videos of their exhaust pipes.
  2. Did you replace just the cam? If so is the distributor in correctly, if it is out 180* it will still run, but not right. I would say with the timing to start at stock and move it up a couple degrees until it feels right. I have never ran my cars more than 13*
  3. There is a difference between the way a car runs w/ a more radical cam and a car that has something not right. The cam will have a rougher idle, and you will hear the overlap at that time,.....but it wouldn't cause the car to backfire "until it's warm".

    A backfire is caused by one of two things:

    1.You have a vacuum leak, or 2. you (more than likely) have something wrong w/ timing. That can be either "cam" timing, or "ignition" timing. Who put the cam in? How did you/they install the timing chain?,...The distributor, Adjust the valves? Before you arbitrarily just start changing things (like your timing) let us know about the other things so somebody can give you proper advice.

    I've had mechanical roller cams in street driven cars that didn't backfire when winging the throttle even after 1 minute, and the lift and duration of one of those cams would make a B303 look like a stocker.
  4. I was considering running this cam too as I like the way they sound. I'm not so interested in dino points, just a street driven ride that I would enjoy a little lope in the bay.

    I'd like to hear how you work out this issue, even if you made a boo-boo on the install. :doh: It will help out the next newbe...
  5. Dwayne, please don't run an alphabet cam. They are 25 year old technology. If you want a good off the shelf cam, call up comp cams or run an Anderson cam. Personally I recommend spending an extra 100 bucks and call Ed at FTI and let him grind you a cam.
  6. The self test said cyl 2 is out of whack so I'll chase that down first. Put it in dot to dot. We've already been 180 out but I'll check again. Hci job gt40x heads
  7. nothing at all wrong with an alphabet cam..yea theyre old..but if we were looking for every last ounce of hp we wouldnt be bothering with gt40 the price of the anderson cam...ill just wait till i get real heads not gt40y heads...

    my b303 has a wicked little lope...but no backfiring..what is your idle speed set at? if its too low the entire car will shake...set your idle speed to 900-950, thats what it likes..i have my timing set at 18 initial 18 total but in a carbd application and it screams


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