1. Howdy all names John 24 from Mesa az currently owner of a 79 notchback 5.0l with cobra pace car hood and bumper... It's an ugly duck currently. Looking to get some help working out the kinks with it
  2. Hiya and Welcome to Stangnet!

    Post up some pics of your project when you have the chance. I think we still have one or two Mustang Gurus floating around to lend some advice. :D

    I'm going to move your intro over to the Fox Body forum so those guys can say "hello".
  3. Here's a few pics

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  4. No idea why they are upside down
  5. Are those Ford Fairmont tail lights? o_O
  6. No idea came with the came
  7. My neck hurts!!
  8. Why is that?
  9. O lol upside down pics
  10. Welcome to the forums
  11. welcome to the 'net! get some paint on her and she'll be real purty
  12. Those things are light, and have a lot of potential.
  13. So far not fun at all cant get it to stay running... Not sure what the issue is cant keep the car running for more then a day seemed like the carb gums up at first I tore it apart cleaned it out an it ran fine for a day again an now carb is clean an car won't stay running it will idle a little choppy cold but if I touch the throttle its bogs out or if I put it in gear it will die out... Any thoughts?
  14. I think it is the trailer hitch....

    How old is the gas in it? If it has sat for any period of time it may be best to dump it all out and flush the lines. Pour in some new gas and see if that does anything.
  15. Is your idle too low? I am not much of a carb guy, but I just helped my neighbor out with this exact issue. The car would first idle low in neutral, then when he put it in gear, it would stall out. Raised the idle some, and the issue stopped. Then it started when he would turn his wheel, without giving it gas, and the car would stall. I adjusted the idle once again, and it worked like a charm. Its been over 2 weeks and his car hasn't stalled once.

    Also, how are your plugs, wires, coil, distributor/distributor rotor and fuel pressure?
  16. Fuel is fresh 89oct idle is fine.. It will idle but if you touch throttle is bogs/starves out in gunna change fuel pump an hope for the best. It did run good when it ran
  17. Welcome aboard!
  18. nice bro I'm in Laveen, AZ and have helped a few members out with there foxes here in AZ if you need something let me know ive driven farther then Mesa to help people out.

  19. Appreciate the help