noob from cali

Discussion in 'The Welcome Wagon' started by t's roush, Dec 29, 2009.

  1. just saying hello , the names antonio, i daily drive a 02 mineral gray stage 2 roush soon to be boosted as soon as i get an sct tunner and time to install it, i have a 2nd project 89 notch trying to figure out the witch way shes going to go.
  2. Welcome, what part of CA are you from?
  3. Welcome!
  4. Welcome to Stangnet Antonio! :)
    Enjoy the forums and post some pics if you can.
  5. from so.cali in fontana
  6. the daily driver
    the project
  7. Both rides look very nice! :nice:
    What kind of project are you doing on your Fox?
  8. It's deff going to be be all motor at first i was going for a nice 300rwhp daily driver, but a built 408 has been crossing my mind lately.
  9. hey was that cop in the pic checking your car out? nice cars too.
  10. Lol na I live down the street from the station and my streets happens to be a hot spot for cops.
  11. 408 sounds good my buddy has that in his fox with 150 shot and runs 1080s all day long. but i really like the roush love the color.
  12. Very nice cars, I also own a 07 Roush stage3 in grabber orange. Whoe Horse!