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  1. Hey hey..... New member from southern ohio. I am not new to mustangs have owned a few.. The current build is a 1985 Gt Vert. 306 5spd....Just started the major tear down process so i can get new floors and finish up the engine...

    previous cars

    84 Gt Turbo
    82 T-top
    85 Gt vert

  2. I forgot to add a pic !!!!

    Here is a quick pic

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  3. Hey buddy... I'm the only Noob here.... Stop tryin' to horn in on my territory! :fuss:

    Oh... and welcome aboard. There aren't enough 4 eye owners in this place anymore. :)
  4. :welcome:, I love the 4 eyed Stangs. Miss my 86 GT. :-(
  5. Noobz has been a Noob for 8 months now and not slowing down.

    I'm a Noob from the 90's. Got a Stangnet email of my 12th year Anniversary on here. Sign up date was 9/6/99 (yesterday).
  6. Das right... rekonize! worship.gif

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  7. Thanks for the welcome ...

    I get asked all the time if iam doing a aero nose swap... I searched for a 85-86 for a reason.... I love all stangs but i am a 4eye junky.. When this car is complete i am going to build a 4 eyed T-coupe......
  8. Good choice...

    One less guy I have to visit with a baseball bat for converting a 4 eye to Aero. :D
  9. .. AHHAHAHhA Trust me i will get my bat and go join you in the hunt for others... If you want a aero nose .. then buy a 87-93 lol leave my 79-86 cars alone.. I went the other day to the junkyard to buy some old seats and found a 84 and a 85 Notchbacks..... i just about cried.. because this guy will only sell parts not whole cars......
  10. Here is a crappy pic of my 84 turbo GT

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