Engine Noob Need Help

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  1. I was on my way to work today and when i pulled out of the driveway my GT started loping very slow and hard. It was shaking the whole car kind of like a large cam would but i had very little throttle response. I turned the car off and back on and the idle and response was fine and the car got me to work fine, but i am worried as to what it is. I am clueless as to if its a fuel problem or spark plugs, ignition, etc. No check engine light came on.

    2008 Mustang GT Premium 4.6L
    Stock except for K&N Air Filter, Flowmaster axleback's, and Ford Racing 2" drop springs.

    Any advice is appreciated, Thank you.
  2. Drive it till check engine light. Your symptom could be anything including a random brain fart.
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  3. You might still want to try and pull codes to see if anything comes up.
  4. Mine does this every 4-5 months or so, yellow wrench light comes on, engine runs like crap, no throttle response, pull over, shut car off, start back up, no problems for the next 4-5 months. Never a CEL. I don't know what causes it as it has happened under very different driving conditions. I chalk it up as a "ghost in the machine".
  5. Wrench light usually leads to a throttle concern, perhaps TB electronics are crapping out.
  6. I just talked to a "super dooper" Ford service tech and he said this is a common concern when the throttle body gets too dirty. He said sometimes the throttle body can be cleaned and it will cure the issue, and sometimes the throttle body needs to be replaced. I am going to try cleaning mine this weekend.