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  1. Hey everybody. I'm the proud new owner of a 1998 V6 mustang and i've got a lot of questions. She's got over 140,000 miles and i know that some intense work is going to need to be done, but for starters what should I check for? What should be the things i watch the most and be concerned about?

    Also, after i get her running at least in stock shape, how do i increase the hp? whats should i get to improve handling? what are some trustworthy companies, sites, and even books and magazines i should refer to?

    I'm a complete noob when it comes to this stuff, but ive wanted a mustang literally my whole life and i want to fix it up and even do as much of the maintenance myself. I'm open to suggestion and trust the car community. I dont really have a budget yet, but since this is for research purposes and im going to be doing this over a long period of time price isnt an option
  2. My car has 195,000 and still runs fine, so don't be afraid of the high miles.
    To wake up my car a little without killing the fuel economy, here's what I have done:
    -dual exhaust
    -cold air intake
    -throttle body spacer
    -3.55 gears
    -traction lock
    -diablosport predator tuner
    The ones that I think made the biggest difference were the Flowmaster dual exhaust pipes, because they look and sound so much better, and the 3.55 gears. Yes, it raises your rpm a little, (I am at 2000 rpm at 65 mph) and you lose about 1 mpg in fuel economy. But it really peps up the car, especially at highway speeds. Passing is effortless now.