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  1. LOL.. I think is was good that they got 5 days out of

    just me..............................

  2. ughhhh spoiled little rich ****, I never liked her besides her body being hot.

  3. fixt... shes nasty dude.
  4. I like my chicks skinny, I don't like her face and her attitude would cause me to puke all over her.

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  5. :stupid:

    She has the body of a little boy like someone else said and she IS a boy as I have revealed before...

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  6. +1
    I can't see how anyone can find her attractive. After having secks with her, I'd have to fock fat chicks like BK.
  7. She looks like a bobble head.. her head is definately out of proportion with her body, she has almost no chest, no ass, and from what ive SEEN, she is horrible in bed. she talks too damn much :rlaugh:
  8. :stupid:
  9. you know thats how i roll. ask grey5.0beast bout the track, i would prolly do anything. :rlaugh:

  10. We need to do something about those standards of yours... or the lack thereof
  11. She was released for a "Medical Reason"...

    Can we say DETOX symptoms :shrug:
  12. We seriously need to have a StangNet 5.0 meet.
  13. We could, but my 93 is all black and only comes out at night :eek:
  14. now you are talking.

  15. you bring the duct tape, ill bring the beer.
  16. better not be before i can drive :mad:
  17. I'll bring the whipped cream if someone wants to go in with me on some leather chaps
  18. :shrug: :D
  19. i will bring the women. (and a lil sumthin for franky)