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  1. We will need pics.
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  4. Ok, you know what? Drunk driving is a serious thing to me. It's the next step to murdering innocent people with a car...

    If Paris goes almost unpunished, what message will that send out? It's ok to drink and drive? C'mon... This is serious too. THAT'S why this pissed me off. She put herself in a vehicle, DRUNK. To me, that's VERY BAD...
  5. More accidents are caused by people on the cell phone than drinking and driving. While I do agree that drunk drivers are a serious problem, the statistics are seriously modified to fit MADD's agenda. An example would be if I had 1 beer with dinner. Stopped at a redlight. Was rearended. This would be considered an alchohol related accident. For that matter, if I had been a pedestrian that had 1 beer and was hit by a car, that too would be an alchohol related accident. NJ's legal limit is .08 That is less than 1 beer in an hour. Not sure about you, but I'm pretty far from drunk with 1 beer. What was her BAC out of curiosity?:shrug:
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  7. its the boogie woogie choo,choo train
  8. I was watching E!(with my GF I swear) and she was a .08
  9. Yeah, on a scale of 1 to 10, Perry Hilton ranks about a .08, all right. :D
  10. you would agree. yall need to losen up a lil. ave fun f*** a fat b****. damn it aint gonna kill ya.
  11. Im Game!

  12. if there ever is a meetup, i gotta buy you a beer.:flag:
  13. Umm people who get in accidents while on cell phones dont run people down and then just keep driving, like drunk drivers.... nuff said
  14. Ummm ... yes, they do. In most places, that's called a "Hit and Run." Here in Phoenix, however, we call that "more often than not." :D
  15. If that weren't so true I'd ----> :lol:

  16. I don't know how true that is.. Or maybe it's different in Jersey. But knowing that you had 1/3 of a can of beer and you can be convicted of a DWI, well....
    BTW, as far as Jersey goes, you can test .00000000 and still be convicted of a DWI. The .08 is only an automatic conviction.
  17. Likewise in AZ. An officer only has to "SUSPECT" that you're "under the influence" to arrest you, regardless of what numbers you blow or what your blood test shows. Sure, you can probably get off the hook, but it'll cost you a chunk o' change for a lawyer, and being in jail on some goof's "suspicion" is just lame.

    People who use cell phones while driving, however, should be declared "enemy combatants" and shot on sight by National Guardsmen randomly placed on Federal and State highway overpasses. Then again, I also believe our borders should be canvassed with land mines, razor wire, and patrols of Apache helicopters and/or Humvees with .50 cal's. I'm a little bit extreme like that... :D