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  1. When I bought my car in Dec last year, the coolant temp never really went above the "A" in the "NORMAL" range. Wasn't sure if the car had a thrmostat or what temp the t-stat was. So over the summer, while putting in a new A/C sysem I put on new Ford water pump, 192 degree t-stat, Mishimoto radiator, fan, fan clutch, all hoses, heater core, and belt. Since then the temp on the gauge never goes above the "L". Even in 85 degree days in city traffic. Does everyone else's car run at the same temp? I thought maybe it would go up to the "R" or "M" occasionally. I'm not complaining I'm just more wondering than anything. I know it's not really good for an engine to be running too cold. I've read technical articles about bearing wear when engines are run at temps x, y, and z. Too hot is bad, too cold is bad. 180-200 is just right. Thoughts, comments.
  2. Stock gauges are terrible for accuracy. I would run a real temp gauge and see where you are at. No doubt the new parts help to keep the car cool, but L is about 130 degrees and I doubt that is accurate.
  3. Exactly as above. If you have a thermal infrared gun you can get accurate temps on the radiator end bells.
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  4. Anywhere on the stock gauge is considered normal, er abnormal