NOS, Turbo, Supercharger???

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Which major power adder do you prefer???

  1. NOS

  2. Turbo(s)

  3. supercharger

  1. OK, i realize that you don't here of many poeple doing anything drastic for daily driven V6's out there but there are kits for them and i just thought it might be a kool ideah for a thread seeing as how the v6 Talk section doesn't have too much life. So heres the question which is best a nitrous kit, a turbo or twin turbo setup, or a nice oldfashioned blower (twin skrew or cintrifugal doesnt matter.)
  2. Supercharger!

    wait, where's turkley sammiches as a poll option:(
  3. LOL i like ham better so there not an option and turbo's kick butt
  4. turbos are good on imports, definately... but not on a daily driven american car.

    ham is teh suxxorz!
  5. ****in newbs just walk in ... act like they own the place. There is actually plenty of life in the V6 talk section (see V6 forums are dead thread). It is actually only NOS for those ricers out ther, or for people who actually go out and purchase NOS brand nitrous oxide. And the supercharger vs. turbocharger issue has been discussed plenty of times, I'm sure, and you need to use search. Anyway.. welcome to stangnet.
  6. :ZipIt: You ****in dick wad you give me a headache!!! you only post 23 times in a year and think you got some sort of almighty clout??? And no you ingnorant piece of trash ricers are not the only ones refering to it as NOS. all the crowds ive ever been near use it as slang for anyone using any named brand NX ZEX NOS Venom and hundreds of homemade kits of nitrous oxide its just ****in shorter and easier to type dumb ass. And had you in your vast ammount of ignorance checked it out ive even posted on (V6 forums are dead) so huh i already been there. Lastly there isn't a point to searching past forums because i was just throwing a poll out there to see what people thought about it from a V6 point of view here and for welcome to stangnet you might as well have said goodbye:nonono: :nonono: :nonono: :mad: unfortunately for people like (silver sn95 v6) who are actually trying to get the v6 forums up and members in here you are suceeding only in sending poeple away. With that said i leave with a GOOD DAY TO YOU! and the knowledge that you are truely a moron, and only in the vast ingroance that is your brain could you possably concieve otherwise :nonono: :nonono: :nonono: :nonono: :nonono:
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    great response

    i have an 11 psi procharger on my 98 and while i love it it would much rather have a nice single turbo maybe a Holset from a dodge cummins on a TMA fabbed kit.

    turbo's develop much more torque and are more efficient than a blower. gas milage is great with a turbo as it is not parasitic. a procharger kit is really nice and everything is made fairly well but the turbo just rules everything else


    these 2 sites can make and tune a custom turbo setup made to your desired power level within reason

    you can also add a 50 shot of the giggles on top of the turbo granted you have a tune to do it and are built to handle it
  8. You know, i have posted more comments than you have in the few months i have been on here. I am listening to what people are complaining abut and giving my opinion on whant can be done to solve the problem. Theres lots of life, i agree, but who says that more stangers is a bad thing. so take your crapola
    , we can all do without it. all i hope is that the recruiting doesnt bring in more people like you
  9. I wasn't trying to diss the v6 talk section if it comes off that way its just that i am used to forums that pop up every minute and having hits left and right the v6 section is merely less active than others i am involved in so i am sorry to those who feel i personally dissed there beloved forum i was merely noticing a laps if you will of constant action on real v6 stuff. so agian i am sry to those who are a credit to this fine site and were genuinely hurt (if there are any) the post was just to strike up a good conversation about power adders, and to the others i extend my middle finger and twirl it in a gesture of hommage and tranquility. since i can't find an actual finger twirling this will do :nono:
  10. So I only post like Once in a while... Does that make me a dickwad too?
  11. btw...i'll take a supercharger for now. I have driven quite a few turbo cars and always found the lag to be annoying, and the wastegate pop to be incredibly annoying. The lower parasitic loss is enticing, and i am sure that soon turbos will surpass superchargers, but for the time being, i will stick with the superchargers (had one in my last car, a bonneville SSEI)
  12. If I had to pick one, I would go with a supercharger. I might get flamed on her, but I don't like NOS. I don't consider it as a major mod since you have to refill the bottle. With a supercharger/turbo it's always there and you don't have to command to use it.
  13. no blackwidow, sarcasm is ad adrirable trait in my book
  14. :lol: :lol: :rlaugh: :rlaugh: :rlaugh: :rlaugh: and it seems ive developed a stutter too
  15. From my understanding, twin-screws setup correctly are just about as good as turbos. Turbo's need an IC to be any bit efficient (edit: actually, I think under 4psi I think they are fine without an IC), and a twin screw could give a psi or 2 more before needing one. Twin turbo setups are good, but it's the same as upgrading to a bigger carb, just the ability to pull in more air, same psi of boost. As for the juice, it's good, cheap and easy, but also dangerous and usually needs fuel upgrades, port job and a new cam to be as good. With a blower/turbo, the force of the air will open the valves better and ram air in, but with NOS, you need a cam, RR, springs, and valves to get the air and fuel in since it uses the vacuum effect.
    I'd take a KB over a turbo not always for the higher numbers, but because I like the sound of the twin-screw and not the BOVs.

    Just because someone has more HP/TQ doesn't mean they will always win, it's how early does it kick in and how long does it stay at that. I've seen dragsters win but had lower speeds, it's because they get to that speed quickly and maintain it till the end. That's how my 193 bhp V6 can kick my dad's 79 230 bhp 5.7L even if they weight 200lbs difference. I got torque lower and longer than he does.
  16. i disagree. ever hear of buick turbo's.

    from 79-87 they made very good power and were fine as daily drivers

    SVO mustang
    301 pontiac turbo
    PT Cruiser Turbo/SRT4

    all reliable daily drivers. that make respectable power
  17. :bs: Are you kidding ? Wgat kinda sense does that make ?!?! I, I don't even know where to begin with this one.

    It's funny lag is always talked about with turbos. When you think about it, a super charger has much more lag than any turbo. It takes until just about redline to make full boost. A turbo can be on the wasgate at 3k, full boost.
  18. Turbos are good on any car, same bonus. Only reason the combo of imports+turbo is so often thought of is the lag on FWD cars helps them keep traction off the line. Buick is a FWD car. Turbos make atleast 1-3psi even at idle from what I hear, and yes centrifigal chargers may take till red-line to make boost, but they make near full through-out the range. Now a twin screw blower has no lag, at all. You might think lag because of it being related to RPMs, but in fact it doesn't cause any. 7 psi is easier to create at 1000 rpms than 5000 rpms because you need 5 times more air to create the pressure. That's why some turbos and cent superchargers fall off on numbers, they put out the same amount of air but the amount of air coming in doesn't increase for the engine. As for parasitic loss, some blowers have matched the efficiency of turbos.

    As for me, the only car of mine getting a power adder will probably be my 2.3 getting a turbo. It's just easier and the parts are more available since there are no 2.3 sc's.

    Edit: oh and if your talking twin turbos, then what lag? Also TTs are more on domestics and the select imports with V engines. Only problem is they cost alot and there is no TT kit for our V6 that I know of, but there are still some who have done it and made some good numbers.
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