NOS with carbs

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  1. Carbs with a dual plane set up like the RPM performer. Are u guys having any issues using plate type Nitrous systems with the dual plane intakes? I know u cant spray 400 into her but say 150 just wondering about Cylenders 2 and 7 and poss running lean. Has anyone been very happy with there set up as far as maint goes. Finally what size fuel line are u using. I have the Moroso hard line I think its about 1/2 inch or 3/8. My motor make 300 at the wheels and with this and the addition of a 150 hit I think it should still be enough line to keep the fuel flowing with a BG280 pump. If I need bigger line let me know. I have to change something every year just to have something diff and I cant do anything like a short blk because im building a house so big car bills are a nono this year. If I break her shes going to sit but she is done correctly so she will hopefully stay together. Has stk short blk with Ford forged pistons,B-cam,Edelbrock RPM heads and intake out of the box and a 650 carb with 1 5/8 long tube header. Sits in front of a Tremec and aluminum Flywheel and a clutch masters clutch. has 4.10 gears with 27 inch Hoosier Quik Pro. Rearend is all braced with tubes also being welded and has a 8 point cage with 2 pipes going to Sub Frame. Runs consistent 12.1 at 110.00 on motor. Thanks 4 any help.
  2. Any help from the carb guys. Show me some love haha. :shrug:
  3. Your setup will handle a 150 shot fine as long as you tune in correctly.
    The two carb guys I know that run at least 150 shot, leave their timing alone, and only change the plugs to two heat ranges cooler. The 302 based setup(somewhat similar to yours in a LIGHT car) went 11.5 on motor, and 10.1 with 150 shot.

    I strongly suggest a fuel pressure cutoff switch, so just in case you dont have enough fuel pressure, the nitrous will be cut off.
  4. My buddy has run several setups like that on his 79 TA. The trick to making them live is to watch your timing, colder plugs and good fuel. I believe he knocked 4-6 degrees of timing out of it and adjusted after each run and a plug check. 2 ranges colder plug and some 110 octane just to be sure.
  5. im doing a Bigshot plate system,, and i was just gonna run colder plugs and leave the timing where it is and see how that works for me
  6. I used to burn up the 4 and 8 sparkplugs with a similar setup. Read all of the plugs each time until you get it tuned right. You probably should take out some timing even with colder plugs.
  7. If you check out the article in this months MM&FF, they were putting a nos kit on a small block. And they had quite a few tricks to tuning the system. The biggest surprise I read was how much timing they pulled out of the car. Check it out if you have a copy.
  8. I wouldn't even consider using "spray" with a dual plane intake even with a small shot...I would always use some sort of open plenum intake.