Not a fan of the "5.0 is back" theme

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  1. I’m not a fan of people saying the 5.0 is back. I know ford is doing it as marketing to sell cars and i get that. But that doesn’t mean i have to like it.

    It’s a completely different engine, sharing nothing the same as the current 5.0. I do like the mod motors more than the Windsor’s, but that really doesn’t have anything to do with me not liking the idea.

    I guess what I dont like is people who don’t know the difference saying, "ooo the 5.0 is back and now the ford can make some real power, good thing they got rid of that stupid 4.6l". I have seen that some on here, but more in other places.

    Anyways, small rant that doesn’t really mean anything. Maybe a conversational piece.
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  3. Im not trying to start a fight really. I just wanted to see what other think of Ford trying to tie the old 5.0 to the new one. I liked the old 5.0, and im sure I will like the new one even more. I just know they are completley unrelated engine designs.
  4. You're reading into it too deeply. Coyote this, Windsor that. To heck with all of that. The 5.0 IS back. Just look at the badge on the side of the car. :rolleyes:
  5. It's a game changing engine with a great exhaust note and lots of possibilities. While it's nowhere close to the same engine as the former 5.0, it's the excitement that's back.
  6. A 5.0 is back, not THEE 5.0... thats my only point. The new engine is the game changer, cant wait to get mine.
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  8. Bottom line, is there is a "5.0 back" in the stang...True or False?
  9. Well, if we're going to get technical... since the Windsor was only 4.9L, shouldn't that be "there is FINALLY a 5.0 in the stang"? :rlaugh:
  10. My 2011 3.7 makes my 94 5.0 seem like a turd. :shrug:

    My 2011 5.0 is vastly superior in every category except it is heavier. I get a kick out of people who are not a fan of the new GT because it is marketed and badged as a "5.0":rlaugh:

    Kinda like when I took my 03 Cobra to car shows and some people would try to convince me it was inferior to older 5.0s because it only had a 4.6...OKAY:rolleyes:

    Ford probably should have done a better job marketing the 4.6 when they transitioned from the original 5.0 because a lot of people are still confused.
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  12. Is that better? :lol:
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  14. Is that why you ordered a CS?

    So you wouldn't have to look at the 5.0 badge?
  15. So what? The new hemi has nothing in common with the old hemis and yet dodge is riding that train for all it's worth.
  16. +1 on the 4.6 point. That engine doesnt get the credit it deserves. That engine made the 'poor mans sports car' a reality for what, 15 years?

    I think saying the 5.0 is back is a good connection for older generation mustang owners and younger ones. The late 80s fox body is my favorite style of stang, I have never owned a fox body 5.0 but the nastalgia connected with it isnt a bad thing. My dad recently took delivery of my '11(which I cannot wait to get home and drive) and the 5.0 badge is a point of pride for where the mustang was and is going.

    Just my 2cents
  17. I wouldnt quite say 15 years...first few were dogs..First one REALLY was a dog :notnice: But Ford took their first one improved on it and made a pretty nice car for what it had. (they worked well with forced induction) I actually still to this day prefer the sound of the 4.6 with exhaust and have been trying to find exhaust for my new 2011 that has a similar tone..(steedas so far).

    As far as the "4.9L" issue goes, it's AWESOME how Ford managed to squeeze out another 180 ponies out of 0.1 cubes :nice: :rlaugh:

  18. Thats more like it.
  19. .1 liters lol but i get what you mean