Not a fan of the "5.0 is back" theme

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  1. I don't get the point of this post?

    Is this part of the "elitism" that always follows when a new model or engine debuts? Is this an attempt to disassociate the new 5.0 with the old 5.0 (or 4.9l as lovingly pointed out).

    A true enthusiast realizes that without the old 5.0....there wouldn't be a new 5.0. Yes, I know it's not the same engine, but the 5.0 has a huge role in mustang history. A LOT of people still remember the heyday of this engine. A true enthusiast will appreciate the history. Most people here already know the new 5.0 is a vastly superior engine. We don't need to point out that a 20-year old pushrod motor doesn't compare. But there is still some strong history attached to that 5.0 badge. To reject it seems sacrilege IMHO
  2. The post was just for discussion. This section seems quite sometimes, thought it would be interesting to discuss it. Like i said, i wasnt trying to start an argument with anyone.

  3. I agree with the enthusiast understanding. I know that everyone on this forum knows theres a difference. My comment was directed more towards people who dont know theres a difference between the old and new 5.0. Thinking that ford went back to the old engine design because the 4.6l couldnt cut it.

    I like the 5.0 nameplate, and i dont think ford should/coulda done anything different.
  4. Well, in that case, I was happy with then entire "5.0 is back" theme. Frommwhat I've seen, the 5.0 badge is almost a household name. There were normal non-car people in talked to that didn't even know the current engine til now was a 4.6l.....but they always remember the 5.0.

    When I owned a 2003 gt. I would always get asked "what size engine is in that?" to which people would act disappointed when i said anything other than 5.0.

    I get the same question in my fox and people just respond to the 5.0 better and then give me some story about their friend owning one in the 80s andnjust beating everything with it at the time.

    To say "the 5.0 is back" reconnects these people with the stories they had from their youth. Of course, with marketing, the goal is to sell cars. So ford is tapping into it's history to get people talking again.

    One example. Nelly, a rapper was a huge mustang fan and talked about how much he loved the old 5.0. With the new one out, he bought one, features it in his music vid, and even named his new album "nelly 5.0"

    Again, associating the new engine, with a strong history, even if they aren't really related at all.
  5. Who cares if people don't know there's a difference? :shrug:

    The truth is, a 315HP 4.6 isn't gonna cut it anymore in 2011 when there are 300+ HP V6's everywhere.

    In a couple years, if Ford wants to badge it 7.5 and stuff some new 550+ HP N/A modular 460 in it, would you gripe about it because the 2011 5.0 capabilities would be surpassed and average joe wouldn't understand?
  6. As i stated before, i was just trying to generate a convorsational thread about it. Im not gripping. I think from a marketing sales stand point ford did exactly what needed to be done. A lot of people that were not happy with the 4.6l mod motor will love to have the name 5.0 on the side of there stang again.
  7. So all kidding aside, the "5.0 is back" branding sold me.

    When I was a teenager in the late 80s/early 90s, I was in love with the 5.0 fox body... namely the 5.0 LX vert (insert Vanilla Ice reference here). It became my "dream car".

    When I was finally able to buy my first Mustang, I couldn't afford the v8 so I bought a 1994 V6. It was a fantastic car for me for many years.

    Next up I was able to buy a 2001 GT. I was in hog heaven because I finally had a GT even though "it wasn't a 5.0". It wasn't a thought at the time because the current engine was the 4.6 so no worries.

    But now.... wow. Double-take. I was close to pulling the trigger on a 2010 triple black GT Premium vert for 29k but I couldn't do it. Why? Because I'd rather save some more money and wait a little longer to get the car with the new 5.0 engine.

    Is it the smart choice financially? Hell no. Is it rational? Probably not. But it's the realization of a dream. So what if the new 5.0 vert is light years from what it was 20 years ago. The day that I pull into my driveway in a convertible Mustang with a 5.0 badge on the side and my name on the title it will realize that dream that I have had for a very, very long time.

    Ford rocks.
  8. The 5.0 is a HUGE landmark for Ford, and Mustang enthusiasts alike. Hell, I'd go so far as to even saying it's a landmark for MUSCLE CAR enthusiasts! I'm only 19 years old, but even I remember when I was in pre-k, I had a huge Hot Wheels collection. My two favorite cars out of the 100+ bunch were a set of 65 Mustang convertibles! I ALWAYS was in love with the Mustang. When I saw my first fox body I remember, I thought to myself "damn, how ugly could someone really make a car?". Then I heard the car start. I was only 7 or 8 years old, but I knew the sound of a 5.0 long before I knew why they sounded so badass. :nice: When it came time to get my first car, I was just getting my band started, I had blown my insurance money savings on a top-of-the-line amplifier, and all I had was money for a new, warrantied vehicle. I picked up a Ranger, but wanted a Mustang so bad.

    Where I'm going with this anecdote, is the realization of a dream. I'll NEVER forget the day I went to check out the currently mine 1995 GTS. I turned that key, and the pure sound of an under 80k mile, bone stock, unmolested 5.0 was just music to my ears. My dad thought it was the worst purchase I could make, but he always dreamed about owning a muscle car when he was younger - his father never let him buy one when he was in the position to pull the trigger. I left that guy's business feeling like the luckiest guy in the world. Even though I only had a 15 year old, 215hp engine under the hood, I was the winner that day.

    Here I am, 2 years later, getting ready to pull the trigger on a 2011 5.0. I've been incredibly lucky financially, due to my job and my band's standing in the industry at the moment. After I take care of my investments, and beginning an IRA for myself, a NEW 5.0 will hopefully be parked right next to the old.

  9. +1:flag:
  10. Bringing back the 5.0 should go down in history as one of the best marketing ideas ever. When I first drove the car home from the dealer my 75 year old neighbor who has not talked to me since I moved in 2 years ago came running over and chatted me up for an hour about the car. When the 2010 came out I told myself I was happy I had my 2007 because they just ruined the Mustang. Well as soon as I saw the 5.0 badge (and more realistically the 412HP) I had to have one.
  11. Would anyone really want the old "5.0" back today? What a disappointment that would be...
  12. I was one of the FIRST to get the Sn95 back in March of 94. Man..that sucker was "FAST"!!:lol:
    215 HP :nice: That thing FLEW!!

    Anyway, I remember after gears, exhaust, pulleys, I went to do a PI Torque converter (had Auto) so I had it dynoed first:

    178 RWHP
    239 Tq :rlaugh:

    THis car is double that (at least HP) with comfort, suspension, style, and a Microsoft Sync system. :flag::nice:
  13. As long as Ford is successful who cares how they market the 5.0!

    I owned a 94GT 96 Cobra 97 Cobra and an 03 Terminator yet this baby is the smoothest and most comfortable. Remember as one other poster wrote there never really was a 5.0 in a Mustang. Also this is the first Motor ever designed just for the Mustang. Bottom line ALL MUSTANGS ARE GOOD MUSTANGS that's what counts.
  14. dont care if the call it 5.0 or coyote

    If you drive the new 5.0 you dont care what they call it!:nice:
    It will suck you in. so dont drive one or you be a 5.0 fan.
  15. I dont care that they are calling it a 5.0. Thats the best name for it.

    I just dont like the slogan the 5.0 is back, a 5.0 is back is a better term.

    "the 5.0" is dead and gone, A new 5.0 is here now... wooot.

  16. LOL...yeah just look at their aftermarket and how "dead"
    the fox 5.0 section of Stangnet is. :rolleyes:
  17. Thats not what i mean. The ford 302 will be around for ever. Its an awesome engine, but ford wont bring it back in a car.
  18. 5.0 for most meant more HP. I had a 96 GT and altho it was a nice looking car with it's body kit and sonic blue paint job...It lacked in th HP dept. I then jumped into a 99 GT LOVE IT!!! It was modded and my HP were about 275 HP. My next 2 were 5.0 foxbody and the HP were over 300 BUT comfort and ride quality were not good. before getting the new 5.0 I was dead set at getting a 2006 GT/500 in mint condition with only 15k but then i took the 5.0 out for a test drive and was sold. can't beat the comfort ride, HP and warranty.
  19. I have to say I think it is the ultimate compliment to compare the latest Mustang to the legendary 5.0. The 5.0 is almost a household name and it was the benchmark by which other muscle cars were compared to back in the day. I'll never forget the first time I saw a brand new 1985 GT in a parking lot. It was beautiful, functional and powerful. I had read all about it in the car magazines. I found out later that this car backed it up on the street. The 5.0's were very respected until the LS1 cars came out. I am currently rollin' on my forth 5.0 fox body Mustang and I can't see letting her go. Now the new 5.0 has 412 HP, supposedly gets 26mpg and can run 12's. Wow - beautiful, functional and powerful. Times have changed and technology has advanced. It is now time for the LSx engine to take the backseat.

    Beating chevys once again, long live the 5.0... :hail2:
  20. I don't disagree. Back when Aston Martin brought back the AM V8 model, the internet got all cluttered up with the new model rather than the old one which I vastly prefer. Ditto for Chevy Malibu, Dodge Charger, Challenger, etc...

    ...having said that, the new 5-litre Mustang is one of the few modern cars I really would enjoy owning, quite something for a person who hates this retro craze to say. Now let's see Ford put direct injection on it :D