Not a fan of the "5.0 is back" theme

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  1. I personally think the 5.0 is back theme is genius. It's exactly what Ford needed to bring even more attention to the Mustang and how far along it's come.

    I was fortunate to own an '88 LX Notchback 5.0L as my first car when I turned sixteen in 1994. The car was bought with my hard earned money saved by working at our local grocery store and I loved it. The car really, was quite ugly. It was the "dull" red that was available that year with the black trim around the car. In some angles it looked almost reminisent to a "K-Car". But all it took was someone to look at the 5.0 badge on the side of the car and they showed instant respect.

    My 5.0L was legendary in my town even though I never raced it and it took me a few years to save up for mods and a new paint job. With my mods, I would have been lucky to have been producing 25 hp more than stock, but it didn't matter. Everyone I knew saw the car as invincible and the amount of rep it got for no reason was ridiculous.

    Even devout Chevy Camaro and Pontiac Trans Am fans would talk about the 5.0 as if it was something special. No doubt Ford knew this with the new movement towards the 5.0 that they would bring loyal fans out of the woodwork, as well as people who bought into the mystique of yesteryear.

    Even me, a once devout Mustang fan who had lost his way over the years, has been rekindled by the new 5.0. I'm in a place in my life where buying a brand new GT is basically out of the question. I have a family, mortgage, other car payments, etc, etc so it just isn't in the cards. However, saying all that I am once again considering eventually buying a used Mustang (most likely a 4.6L) and then years beyond that I'm sure I'll be considering a new one again. Ford has brought a fan back into the fold with this new vehicle. I can't be the only one.
  2. I agree with routs. I've been a Mustang fan since I was 14, always seeing them from afar, (except for a few year models that looked uglier than they should have). I finally decided to pull the trigger when I read up on the new 5.0 after hearing it was "back". When I read about the HP, and torque I just couldn't wait. :D
    Now at 44 I finally have a beauty of a pony.
  3. 4.6 doesnt sound impressive to the mass public.
    5.0 does sound impressive to the mass public.
    Take the Roush 427r for example. It has a big stripe down the side
    with 427 painted in....... so 99% of non Mustang people see that and
    think..... wow that Mustang has a big block 427 in it! When its really
    a 4.6.
  4. I thought enough of the 5.0 to draw an 0.5 on the side of my Datsun B210 with a sharpie when I was in high school. It was a dead ringer. :-D

  5. Is that so when they saw it in the rear view mirror they thought it was a 5.0 comming up on them?? Haha nice
  6. im just down the road in cumberland city. drive through dickson every friday. havent seen any other 5.0's around.
  7. Routs I really enjoyed your post. Kind of brings me back too.

    If I may add to it- I think why 5.0's have such a reputation is there are so few stock ones out there. I remember a lot of Camaro owners saying "You never know what you are pulling up next to with a 5.0." It could be a 13 second bolt-on beater or a 10 second single turbo sleeper. That still holds true today if you think about it. The options for this car are truly endless.

    Ford deserves a lot of credit for this by the way with its aftermarket parts program. Ford put its parts out quick, and kept things going in its direction. Remember GT-40 intakes and heads, alphabet cams, mass air conversion etc.? The 5.0 wasn't always the quickest but the support was there to change that.

    I am kind of in the same boat as you Routs. I got no business buying a new 5.0, but I hear them calling me... lol

    Thanks for sharing,
  8. Horses are back! Just to avoid confusion, these are not the same horses your Great, Great Grandfather had but they are just as exciting! :D
  9. My 2 cents .. they should call it what it really is a 302, and thankfully it has much more power than the old one , which was a dandy.
  10. The new 5.0 is a great engine and I also think the 4.6 from 2005-2010 is a great motor. The 05-10 4.6l really is a 350hp motor when you think how easy it is to get to that power. I want to see what is going to happen for the 2014 50th anniversary model change.
  11. I f'ing love it. I'm only 30...but my first car was a '68 coupe with a 302. God I fell in love with the stang...but goddamn I spent a lot of money at that age just to get the damn thing to work lol. Granted, I learned a lot of things since I did most of the work myself. But my pipe dream the entire time I owned that car (9 years) was to take the restomod approach the Mustangs Plus guys out of Cali did by dropping in the old 5.0 and all of the other goodies.

    I have a '05 rsx-s at the moment...which...has been a great car except for the goddamn FWD. Got bored one day and said I'm going to go test drive the new 5.0 stang. The interior felt like a clone of my old 68 (okay not EXACTLY) and actually worked lol. Plus, it has that 5.0 I've always wanted and a 6-speed I've been driving for 5+ years now....good god I love it. Hell I get pissed when Ford updates their site every night and the build your own Flash page breaks lol.

    I'll be honest, I really expected the new stang to be a piece of **** like when i test drove the 05 model (bought an RSX instead). However, I was literally blown away...I couldn't even believe it was a Ford. Power is power...I'm more interested in the steering feedback and the ride. Back in '05 I had a nothing was going to win me over on power haha. But the '11 is amazing...and with the '12 coming out with user selectable steering? I dig it now, but wouldn't mind it a little tighter.
  12. I had the same thing happen to me at local car shows, people thought my 1997 GT , lator 1999 GT convertible was not as good as the 5.0 stangs because they only thought 5.0 was powerful.:rlaugh:

    First mustang I owned with a V8 was a 1993 Mustang LX 5.0 - loved that car, this began my love for Mustangs :cheers:

    Because of the changes in the 2011 Mustangs, sold my Mazda Miata and trying to decide what to do get the V6 convetible or the GT coupe :canada:
  13. When I had my 03 Cobra and someone would make that assumption I would always just remind them that those cars weren't actually 5.0L :D :D
  14. Just curious, what kind of quarter mile times did you run with either car?
  15. ***** that. 5.0 IS the reason I waited to get a new 'Stang. I'm gon' ride it as long as FoMoCO gets building it.
  16. Following the logic of the OP'er Ford should not market the current Mustang as a Mustang at all. The S197 is a completely different car the the SN-95 which is a somewhat different car the the Fox cars which are completely different cars then the II's which are in no way related to the 1st gen cars.
  17. i was excited to see the new 5.0..if you tell someone you have a 5.0 they know what your talking about..not doggin the 4.6 at all.. my only issue with it was i tried to drop one in a ranger and it was way to me not thinking figured it was smaller in size but i was wrong..went with the 5.0 and that little truck was insane even with the stock 225(i believe) i think the new 5.0 is almost a sense of security for the guys that loved the original..and i agree %100 on the hemi comparison..its the new face of dodge and prolly the only thing keeping them above water IMO...either way its american and they are built right down the street from my house(mustangs)