Not a Mustang question but I'm puzzled.

Discussion in 'Other Auto Tech' started by ThunderHorse, Aug 4, 2009.

  1. Ok sorry this isnt a mustang question but I thought maybe someone on here would know. My GF has a 97 Dodge Neon and she called me to get her from work last night because her car had died. Now since she has had it it has been leaking oil which I hear is a common Neon problem:mad:. But other than that it it runs decent. She said she started it turned on the lights and radio then it just sputtered and died. When I got there I noticed the oil light came on when I turned the key and it turned over fine but wouldnt fire. I checked the oil and it reads full:shrug: but I added a quart just to be safe.

    It was then I noticed that the glow light in the dash doesnt come on the radio wont turn on and the headlights dont work. Yet it still turns over and when I say turns over I mean its pretty strong and doesnt sound ike a dead battery or anything with the ignition.

    THUS Im assuming its electrical but I really dont know ANYTHING about this car or how most electrical stuff works. Im thinking maybe either a bad fuel pump relay or a bad wire or something idk. Right now the car is just sitting in a parking lot at her job. Id really appreciate if someone could give me a little insight. Thank you all.:flag:
  2. Check fuses. Thats first. After that check spark then fuel. Take a spark plug with you so you just have to pull the wire then slip in the plug you brought and check it that way. Look on the fuel rails and you will see what looks to be an air valve, if you press it and fuel comes out then fuel is probably good.
  3. Thanks for the help. Now Im really confused though. So today we go to try and fix the car and when I opened the door I noticed the dome lights were working now so just for the hell of it I crank it over and it starts right up. It ran fine for about 2 minutes until I put my foot on the brake because I was gonna try and move it. AS SOON as I touched the brake pedal it shut down and died.

    Then it was turning over again but with no power to any of the lights or radio like it did the first time. So I checked fuses and they are all fine and it has good spark. So I pulled the battery and took it to advanced and it tested good. So when I get back to where the car broke down I put the battery back in and tried staring it again.

    Now this is where it gets wierd. All the lights work and everything has power but when I turn the key nothing happens and I noticed the cloack on the radio dims out every time I turn the key. Just as it would if the battery was really low. SOMEONE PLEASE WTF IS GOING ON?! haha thanks. Im just about ready to have this thing towed but I really dont have the money so if I could just get it running to get it home from where it sits.
  4. try replacing the coil pack. also look at the battery cables. If there's alot of corrosion around the terminals I'd think about swapping those out too.