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Discussion in 'Other Auto Tech' started by charlesw6954, Jul 31, 2009.

  1. My room mates car is acting up. It is a 2000 chevy malibu, 3.1 V6. It lost power, started smoking out the exhaust, and when I looked at it I saw the spark plug wire arcing off onto the block. From there, I had my friend replace the spark plugs and wires since he hasn't done it in three years. dumb. However, that didn't fix it (which I figured, but were needed). It makes a loud ticking noise coming from just under the valve cover. The other thing is when you start the car, it blows alot of smoke out the exhaust and when I smell it, it smells like unburn't fuel.

    My theory is that particular cyclinder is not combusting and that's how their is no power and puffs out smoke. That cyclinder is getting air, fuel, and spark. Maybe the ticking is the valve not working properly? Don't know. Please help.
  2. I bent a pushrod one time on an LS1 and the valve was stuck open. acted the exact same way. is the smoke white?
  3. Yes the smoke is white.
  4. id put money on at least 1 bent rod.
  5. How would I tell (by looking at it with valve cover off) that their is a bent rod? I don't have much mechanical experience, but I am not dumb when it comes to fixing MY car. I am very cautious when it's someone else's car.