Not a stang, but same idea-frame rail replacement ?

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  1. We have an 82 Firebird that needs new frame rails in front. We have a donor car with beautiful rails we want to use. How (where?) do you support the rest of the car when you take the entire front end off? And what is the best method of removal on welded in frame rails? Full frame cars seem so much easier right now, lol!
  2. Why does the car need new frame rails? If is has been hit in the "beak" (Firebird, get it?:lol: ), you may have other issues. GM cars of that era are notorius for RUST which may disqualify the Camaro.

    My son had a '82 Camaro for his "salt ride" in Michigan. Corvettes were absolutly cheap there because, while there bodies were OK, they were eaten away by severe mechnical RUST.
  3. No collision damage, just too much salt (rust). The T/A donor is a southern car, in beautiful condition body wise (guy we bought it from never retitled it when he bought it, and he lost the title. checked out as non-stolen, in case anyone is wondering).
  4. Don't do ANYTHING until you have a title in YOUR NAME in your hands. :D

    A voice is heard saying: "Why is that, Super?" :doh: :doh: :lol: :lol: :
  5. Just jack it up and slide some jack stands under it with a piece of 2x6 on top of the stand so it spread the wieght of the car out on the boards not directly on the head of the jack stand. At least thats what i do. The car with out the engine itself Is not that heavy. To remove the fraim rails just locate the spot welds and find a drill bit that is close to the same size as the weld and drill through both layers of metal on the donor car, and only through the thicknes of the old frame rails on the car your going to welding them back onto.Some times you have to take something and tap it between the two layers and break the it loose even after you drilled it. I use 1" wood handle putty knife and a dead blow hammer. I usually drill both layers on both cars so the weld can penetrate deeper. But if your not a good welder it can make the job harder because you will be chasing the hole all day trying to fill it in. Not really much to its pretty simple. Just make some good referance points for messuring. Messure once, messure agin, then once more, Place a spot weld messure agin and then weld. I always diamond out the car im working on with string, much mure acurate than tape messure. Good luck