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  1. This is directed at the DFW people here:

    Someone abandoned a cat at my apartment complex, and I need to find her a home. She's a really nice cat, all shots, spayed, litter trained, doesn't scratch furniture, doesn't poop in the plants. She's really cute, loves to sit in laps, doesn't hog the bed.

    I would keep her, but she hates other cats. I think she might have been abused or something, too, b/c sometimes she gets grouchy and growls at me. She needs a home with no kids, b/c if they tease her she will get mean, and no cats, b/c she hates them.

    Tell all your friends, your boss, your parents' friends, everyone you can think of. Help me find a home for this cat b/c I am too young to be a crazy cat lady.

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  2. THat is debateable....sorry i have a zillion cats already, hope you find a home for it though!