1. Well I'm sure we all have been here at least a few times in life. Lol. I have been saving for a couple years now for a dart block build. I've had a real bad couple of weeks that are now pushing this back another year. My son wrecked his car so I'm going to help him buy another to get back and forth to work/school. And a couple other little problems with my truck that has cost more than I'd been expecting. Oh well. Now for my questions and comments. I'm seriously thinking about copying NikwoaC's build. Going to call woody at fordstrokers and order a set of the new tfs 205cc heads and a cam setup for my 302 and driving it for a couple years. ??s are what injectors should I run,long tube headers recommendations with a t5 and should I replace the dampner while it's apart or just run the stock one? Not going to change much because I'm still going to build a 9.5" deck moter soon and will transfer the heads over.
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  2. So....I've got to ask. Why not build a 351W based stroker? You're already set on going with the 205's, which are a better match to more cubes, you're planning on changing the rotating assembly to fill the Dart Block, you're also going to need new headers, cam, intake, injectors and balancer, etc anyway. Not sure what your plans are for the car, but going with a 351W over a 302 might also forgo your need for a Dart block....seeing as they'll handle another 150hp+ over a 302 block anyway. Frankly, as far as parts replacement goes, you're pretty much an oil pan and a few brackets away from the 351W anyway...why not pull the trigger?

    I would never consider a Dart Block over a 351 unless I planned on stuffing serious amounts of forced induction down it's throat. And if that isn't your goal, then quite frankly I think you'd be silly to even consider that route?

    I'm sorry to say, but it doesn't seem like your income and lifestyle supports the cost associated with warranting a Dart Block....but building a lower budget 351W might certainly be in the cards. You can throw a 393/408 short block together for just about the same cost as the Dart block alone. :shrug:
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  3. Well without trying to be offended by the questions about my income/lifestyle?? I'll skip to this...I've got a perfectly good 302 that I can still enjoy. I plan on making enough power to warrant a dart block eventually. I could do a search for my ??s just thought I'd ask here also
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  4. since your spending your dart block savings on da boy, how about getting him to pay for his mistake by saving x amount towards your future engine build?
  5. You'll probably need 30-ish lb injectors. Ask Woody what he recommends for a balancer; there are some available on the market that have removable weights so you can switch for balance. As for headers and cam, consider these are both items that you'll be swapping along with the 9.5 deck build, so I wouldn't blow a bunch of money here. It's for this reason that I still am running small tube shorty headers on my car. Cams can be particularly difficult to resell. Food for thought.
  6. Why would I think you'd be offended?. You said it yourself it's taken you a couple of YEARS to save for a dart block build, that is now being put off again by your son's traffic accident and daily driver troubles. Nothing to be ashamed of....but it does seem based on those statements that you're not exactly liquid and have copious amounts of money to spare. Tell me if my assumption is inaccurate?

    That being said, I ask (since you haven't explained them) what are your plans for this car and projected power levels. A 351W block will take you into the 700+hp range. Do you realistically expect to make more than that? If so, are you also aware that the engine itself is only a fraction of the expense? Count on sinking 4X that into supporting components by the time you're finished. And if 700+hp is not beyond your final goal, why so hung up on the Dart build? Seems like an unnecessary expense if it isn't warranted? Why use a sledge hammer to drive a nail when a regular old claw hammer will do? :shrug:

    Again, not trying to offend, just putting out some alternative for you that would likely allow you to reach the final goal both more quickly and cheaply. I've been here 12-years and have heard many a Mustanger talk the high dollar route, only to never end up following through, or falling short of their claims because they've run out of time, money, patience....or all three.
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  7. Unless you have some serious track times planned I see no reason to move past a 302. 3-400 hp in a Fox is plenty for a daily or weekend toy. The stock block will hold all day long. Save the dart money for heads and a tranny that will hold up. That t5 was hardly adequate for stock power levels.
  8. It's ok man,happens often w this cat. He lacks people skills is all. He didn't mean anything by it.
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  9. Forums are where dreams are born. Real life is where they die. Let a man dream
  10. My people skills are fine. I think it is you who lacks comprehension skills. I wasn't trying to insult him, just trying to find out more about his goals and motivation so I could provide him with the best response.
    Perhaps you think he would have been better off starting his thread of with a "?" instead? :shrug:
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  11. I have to agree with GB on this (doesn't happen all that often. lol)...

    Start with a roller 351 (they're a dime a dozen at some junk yards) and rebuild that thing into a high compression monster.

    The great thing about this plan is that you can take as little or as much time as you need by starting on the bottom end. Purchase cam, heads, intake, exhaust, etc. as life will financially permit.

    There's not too many folks here that are strangers to life's demands on the condition of your wallet. :bang:
  12. roller 351s a dime a dozen at the JY??? must be only where you live. those are JY gold here. you wont find it.
  13. Sometimes a ? is all you need, anything else would be redundant
  14. Flat tappet 351 blocks fall out of trees, roller blocks can be a bit harder to find.
  15. don't forget to read the sticky posted by Woody from Fordstrokers over in (ahem) the Corral regarding some potential flaws in the 351 blocks
  16. Yes I was a little red assed the other day. Have had a bad time lately other than what I've already posted. Sorry about that. Should have given a better explanation. I've had the car torn apart putting in TeamZ suspension,redoing my rearend,battle boxes,ARB,strange struts/shocks,disc brake conversion,and an alum driveshaft. I know the T5 won't last behind my future plans. That's part of the 9.5" block plans. I just didn't go into detail. Oops. I was just curious about the injectors and what long tubes anyone would recommend. Should have stated that and left some of the personal crap out of my post. No hard feelings here and hope I didn't irritate everyone to much. Big sorry guys. Just wanted to up the n/a 302 and enjoy it a little more before doing the other build up. Was tired of mid 13's and didn't want to build a stock block 351. I am going to build a 427 with some juice thrown at it with a Liberty TKO. Believe it or not. And thanks

  17. View: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RAY27NU1Jog
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  18. Right, right....that must be why the responses are just pouring into your other thread? ;)

    Like I said, the more info a poster is willing to provide, the more detailed and informative the responses will be. :)

    No worries man, I didn't take it that way at all. I hope you realize now that's not how I intended to come off. :)
  19. Amen to that. I think the Slow Boat is going backwards, unfortunately