Not another "which shifter" thread...

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  1. They lit the oven on fire, a 6 AM screaming and sobbing fit by one person Saturday morning, and then Saturday night that last person was told to leave, even though she did not have power yet. After what she pulled that day, she wasn't welcome anymore.

    So now the house is quiet and peaceful again!!!
  2. Wow 25th, that sounds rough. No way I could put up with my family for more then 24 hours (except for my oldest niece and nephew, we are more like siblings that actually like each other). Glad you got your house back!
  3. Im the dick who'd tell everyone to stay somewhere else
  4. :jaw:

    Oh yea, I'd have them ****es out the door, QUICK!
  5. That makes two of us.
  6. I try to be nice, but had my fiance not told her to leave, I would have.

    Funny thing is, that person is moving this weekend and I was scheduled to help... Not happening anymore. Some people need to think about their actions and the consequences of them. :D
  7. Yesssssssssssssssssss! That is a guilty pleasure, am I right?!
  8. Very much so. Those that need your help, should really think about that before they piss you off. :D
  9. back on the shifter topic... i need to pull mine out again. i think its starting to crack again. feels kinda mushy on 1-2 and 3-4 shift again...
  10. Dude! Lay off the roids!
  11. haha never done them...