Not another "which shifter" thread...

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  1. Damn! I'd consider that a fair trade.
  2. It's not a fair trade at all!


  3. enough fat kids already
  4. Racin' season's just starting down here in South Florida! :)
  5. watch out for ribbon snakes
  6. Being from CT I can say they urged people to not trick or treat, but my fiance and her sister took her little niece around our neighborhood. My town was 88% without power, but my corner of it was fine.

    With that said I have 6 people living with me now, due to them being without power. It's a full house and we have had our share of turmoil.

    Schools are mostly cancelled until next Monday, power might not be restored to a lot of people until next week. Some home owners with wires down to their homes were told it could be up to... SEVEN WEEKS!!! until they can be restored. They have to get the mess cleaned, the main grids up and running and then they can help the individual homes. Seven weeks puts you into Christmas time. Imagine no power from Halloween until Christmas?

    I'm insanely lucky I never lost it, but might have house guests for a couple of weeks...
  7. EFF that...
  8. Yep pretty bad here in western ma too. They are telling me i might have power back saturday, but i really dowbt it. There are so many trees down in my neighborhood i dont see how its gonna happen. Esp since ive seen no workers in the area doing anything. Theres power where i work in CT, only because the building has its own power plant behind it. There is no power to the surrounding areas around here. This is definitley the craziest thing ive ever seen. Way worse than the tornado that almost got me last june
  9. The Tornado, then Hurricane Irene, which came in as a Tropical Storm, and now over a foot of snow in October... The weather has been crazy this year! Stuff we rarely see in this area, all seems to be happening.

    BTW the stories I have from my past few days are pretty soap-operaish. I can say, having people stay with you, especially when they are all family, is just plain crazy!

  10. That is pure insanity. If I was under Connecticut Light & Power I'd be furious. Now that you guys own your own home, you should look into investing in a generator and residential automatic transfer switch. They're cheap enough now from and they drop them right off in your driveway by flatbed. The damn things pay for themselves the first time there's a major power outage. Best of luck to you guys. It's random and probably useless to say, but if you guys need anything I'm only an hour and a half away. What's mine is yours. :shrug:

    That goes for you too Jeff!
  11. 66 and sunny here in Indiana. Thank God. I feel for you guys.
  12. buddy of mine lives up ya'lls way and runs a napa... said hes sold every generator he can get his hands on. if any of you guys are near tolland there is a bad ass napa out there
  13. My uncle bought twogenerators, one is for me, ill have it wired up after the storm is over. The electricians are busy enough now. Im staying at my uncles house living off of his generator till the power is back, on my old futon matress on boxsprings in his basement. I'm just glad i have heat. I was sitting in my house for about 30 minutes yesterday after i cleared some tree limbs and it was 49 degrees. At this point im just thankful i have a warm place to stay
  14. ****, feel almost feel bad telling you its 76 and sunny today. You guys need anything lemme know, im far but ups is a login away ;)
  15. i know how you feel man... we will be at the track this weekend and im not sure if anyone booked a hotel. so we may be sleeping in the trailer again. it should be in the 50's or so at night in there
  16. Im hoping my GF gets power back at her house before friday so i can jump in my buddies dually and go to the race in maryland. Id feel like a dick leaving her here while im having a good time at the races.
  17. Bring her along?
  18. I still have a hard time believing this is Guy... I mean, was that a nice gesture from you? Have you been through some therapy while you were on your break from StangNet?