Not Diggin The New Forum Layout

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  1. So logged on last nite on the phone was like wtf is this!? I'm not liking the new forum lay out.
  2. The site has been made to fit on various devices, before you were probably seeing the entire site but now it squeezes down... we plan to work on another 'template' that removes the extra banners down the side etc to clean up the look and feel on the phone.
  3. Mr Raburn, I know we aren't supposed to post links to other forums, but this one has nothing to do with Mustangs and I feel you need to check it out... CLICK HERE. The forum there is sweet. The cell phone version is the best I've seen. It's definitely worth a look.
  4. Yeah last nite it took me a minute to find "94/95 talk"
  5. Yo Raburn, just curious but is the forum a career or a hobby?
  6. Well it's semi career and hobby. Ive had it since 1998 and it pays some bills but I also am a Magnaflow distributor so it all works out.

    Im working on the mobile theme now, it should auto detect and force you to see it.
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  7. I use tapatalk and never had any issues with layout

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  8. Patience isn't much a virtue with this crowd. lol

    Easy fellas, it's only been up for a day. Let us work the bugs out. :D
  9. It's sum better now but last nite I thought my phone was messing up
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  10. Not complainin here. I love the new look. Just posting a link to a forum that I consider to be the best one out there as far as PC and Mobile layout.
  11. any chance the "recent activity" is coming back? or is it hidden somewhere and i can't find it? "new posts" is not the same...
  12. If you click on the small square near the bottom right hand corner of the screen, a pop-up menu will appear.

    On the left hand side of that menu, you will find the recent activity button.

    Where was that button located before? I don't remember seeing it but I can put it back where it was.

    CC: @MRaburn
  13. You had added it right where the blue part is below, it should be in the older templates to pull from.

    Google ChromeScreenSnapz004.jpg

    JUST SO You know, you can NOW drag and drop images into your post/reply now to make an attachment. :)

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  14. I think it should be the first link, seems to be the most relevant link on the forum IMO.
  15. Look at me finally making a relative thread
  16. You just had to create a thread in the 94-95 Talk forum that has absolutely nothing to do with 94-95 Stangs to bring out the site owner and his head minion LOL. Good job!
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  17. Ha thank you thank you
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  18. Ok... After some trial and error and a couple "confuzilating" conversations with @MRaburn :bang:(hahaha), the redundant SEARCH button has been replaced with a RECENT ACTIVITY button.
  19. Looks identical to me. Quit whining!! :lol: