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Discussion in '2005 - 2009 Specific Tech' started by CarrollShelby, Aug 17, 2004.

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  1. Considering there aren't any instrumented test results regarding the performance capabilities of the '05 published yet, I found your post to be just about the most ignorant thing I've ever read.
  2. mball, Your evaluation of vehicles is myopic, to put it lightly. Ford would be idiotic to built a GT that rode and handled like an EVO. The EVO sells only 5,000-6,000 units annually here, IF, Mitsubishi was able to hit its projections. The real number may be lower. The Mustang GT HAS ALWAYS BEEN A CAR BUILT FOR BROAD APPEAL. DUHHHHHHHHHH. The only way that a GT could handle like an Evo, would cause it to ride like an Evo. That would doom the GT to extinction, as over 90% of its potential market would not be make such a huge sacrifice in ride just to pull a few more tenths of g's. As I SAID ALREADY :bang: the EVO is a no-compromise handler. The target Mustang GT market DEMANDS COMPROMISE! We want great handling, but there's a point where we want a good ride quality. For those who want more cornering, we modify our cars to suit.. THAT is what Mustanging is about. The GT is a car that appeals to a wide spread of people right out of the box, and then we modify whatever aspects we want to to suit ourselves. You want ALL GT's to suit YOUR specific idea of what a car should be or do. That's foolish. I'm sure that Ford could build the Mustang to handle and ride like an Evo, and hardly anybody would buy it.
    Some statements are so shockingly moronic, absolutely laughable, that I find myself at a loss for words. That was one of those statements..... Please clue me in, you are here....for what reason??? It's eluding me..

  3. Hmmm? The new MR edition Evo does 0-60 in 4.3 seconds and the quarter in 12.7 so I dont think ANY Volvo or Focus is going to come anywhere near that AWD turbo or not, those are Z06 times there. Then when you consider that they tweaked the MR to handle even BETTER than the base Evo, you are going to be very hard pressed to find a car to top that...especially for $34K. All the Evo has going for it is AWD? take a look again at those performance numbers I just posted and re-think that statement because those times are good enough to smoke many RWD domestics at a drag strip.
  4. September issue of Car & Driver, the New Evo VIII MR ran 1/4 mile of 13.3 @ 102.2 mph. Note the rather doggy 102.2 mph. Translation, the quick e.t. is due to the AWD allowing you to murder the car out of the hole (be sure you have a spare clutch in the trunk!). After that, you've got a car that pulls just a shade harder than a bone-stock 2004 260 h.p. GT. A Z06 'Vette trips the lights at 116 mph in the 1/4. Bwah haaa!!!! "Z-06 times".. :lol: BWAH HA HAAA!!!!!
  5. Took me about 30 minutes to read through this one, but it was entertaining. A couple of things to stir the pot -- I don't think the issue on any of the newer cars is power level - 05 Stang included. My problem is how much they keep growing in size and weight. Performance increases are minimal because the cars keep getting heavier. A new Stang with 2 decent size adult males in it is gonna be right at 4000 lbs. (slightly over depending on how it's equipped) For me that just can't qualify as a "sports car" - the Cobra has the same issue, it will likely be even heavier when it arrives. So it goes with the GTO and the Chrysler rwd products. It impacts all facets of performance - handling, braking, acceleration and efficiency. No thanks - even though I'm at an age where I can easily afford to buy, I'll keep building older, lighter cars thanks very much.

    Somebody said "Say american lemans/ speed gt. You don't see the STI and Evo. You see Corvette, BMW, Porsche, Ferrari, nissan, mustangs, Vipers, and others. Most all are RWD not AWD" Apparently they haven't been watching the same series I have where the AWD Audi A6 racers routinely spank the BMW, Corvette and Mack-Daddy-Caddy contingents that compete in their class. They ALWAYS win the standing start drag race to the first turn because of their AWD traction - a full second quicker to 60 than any of the other cars in the series. Don't forget, it wasn't that many years ago that Audi brought over awd cars to compete in SCCA's TransAm series. And built to the rules, they promptly blew away a field of rwd Mustangs and Camaros. And if you saw them run in the rain, it really became comical - they would routinely lap the entire field during a rain race. Wisely, the SCCA changed the rules and basically rendered the cars non-competitive because the good old boys who spectated and paid for advertising wanted to watch big ole rwd V-8's win, not turbocharged awd "OWdis". The current series adds and subtracts weight based on who's winning week by week to keep things competitive.

    Still don't understand why all the harrassing of each other on car choices. The cars we like -- we like. It's a subjective thing. Not much sense in trying to convince someone else that one sucks or doesn't. We like what we like - period. So get what you want. If you like what you see in the new Stang - go for it and enjoy the car.

    Most of the cars being referenced in this thread have a very similar 1/4 mile envelope. A good driver in a slower car might win the drag race over a poor driver in a faster car. Having said that, it boggles my mind that anyone with $22-$24K can wander down and buy a 3500 lb., 210 HP Subaru XT wagon that, when equipped with the 5 speed, will hit 30 mph in 1.3 sec., 60 in just a tic over 5, and continue through the 1/4 in about 13.8. Yes - a soccer-mom station wagon that runs high 13's. So no, I'm not 'moved' by the new similar performing (at least on the street) 300HP Mustang.
  6. Yes, the car magazines ALWAYS have the best drivers, especially for high performance AWD turbocharged cars :rolleyes: Sure it will run a 13.3 if you granny start it. Getting a good launch in a car like that MR is not something that can be done with one of these "magazine racers" who are not used to driving a car like that. I have seen bone stock Evos run 13.5 with good launches so believe me, that MR edition runs under 13 if driven correctly.

    These are numbers from a test Road & Track did, at least this guy was a better driver then whoever POS driver C&D put in the MR :rolleyes:

    Transmission: 6-speed manual
    Gear ratios: 2.91/ 1.94/ 1.43/ 1.10/ 0.87/ 0.69
    Speed in gears: 43/ 63/ 86/ 112/ 112*/ 112*
    Final drive ratio: 4.58:1
    0-60 mph: 4.3 sec
    0-1320 ft (1/4): 12.9 sec @ 107.6 mph
    Braking 60, 80 mph: 117 ft, 195 ft
    200-ft skid lat. accel: 0.98g w/mild understeer
    700-ft slalom speed: 70.8 mph w/mild understeer
  7. Wait, I think I'm remembering something. Isn't mball the one from the Copacabana part of the forum (or whatever it's named this week) that is constantly sweating the Evo's, but doesn't own one?
  8. I'm everywhere. No, I dont own one because I have been waiting for the 05 GT's to come out so I can drive one before I decide what to that OK with you?
  9. Big deal !:rolleyes:

    MM&FF ran a 12.4 @ 113mph in a stock 03 cobra. :owned:
    R&T driver's stinks, I imagine that the 12.9 was obtained by a pro driver not a R&T's regular test driver.
  10. You can find magazine data to support whatever you like guys - driver's and cars are not all created equal. Several issues back C&D tested a bunch of cars in a bunch of performance categories (acceleration, skidpad, handling, slalom, top speed, etc.) and came up with an algorithm for compiling all of that into a total score of some sort. The Evo and Cobra were cars in the test mix, and the Evo's overall score came out ahead of the Cobra's. HotRod magazine recently tested the new Cobra against the Subie STI - and Subie squeaked out the 1/4 mile win (like 13.0 to 13.1) - and the overall nod in the article. And you'd think HotRod would be Cobra biased.

    Read the articles, talk to people, but most of all - go drive the cars. Then buy what you like. In the end it matters not on the performance measures - someone will always be faster, quicker, etc.
  11. (just for grins) so, the EVO is supposedly this "supercar" huh? Well, let's compare it to Ford's "supercar".....I think you guys know where this is going. The Ford GT will hand the EVO it's ass in every category performance-wise. The EVO couldn't keep even near par with it in any situation.
  12. [QUOTE='03 6-Speed](just for grins) so, the EVO is supposedly this "supercar" huh? Well, let's compare it to Ford's "supercar".....I think you guys know where this is going. The Ford GT will hand the EVO it's ass in every category performance-wise. The EVO couldn't keep even near par with it in any situation.[/QUOTE]

    No, the Evo is NOT a "supercar". Those are cars like the Enzo, McLaren, GT and of course a $30K car cant compete with that. You should just worry about an Evo destroying your little V6 there and not worry about an Evo vs a GT :D
  13. :lol: :rlaugh: :lol: :rlaugh: :lol: :rlaugh:

    B R I L L I A N T ! ! !
    I forgot the Cobra was that old. Wasn't that first on the same platform as the Model T?
  14. Here's how that race would turn out:

    1st place: Evo
    2nd place: V6 Mustang
    Dead last place: The person without anything like an Evo brown-nosing it to no end on a Mustang forum.
  15. :lol: :owned:
  16. Ok so let me get this straight. You are saying this EVo will blow away a mustang gt. And talking about how great it is. And yet you won't buy one until you get a chance to drive the 05? :rolleyes: :shrug:

    I guess I just don't get your point then.
  17. I think he was waiting for the NEW Stang to come out - drive one - before deciding what to buy; seemed an infinitely reasonable approach to me...

    Comparing a new Stang to the new Evo is a no-brainer to me; I know what I like in cars and I wouldn't even consider the Stang, I'd pick the Evo easily. But that's what I like. Here's the wild card in my mind - given Mitsubishi's precarious financial state, I'm not sure I'd want to buy a new car from them. I'm not certain they're going to be around a few years from now. Subaru on the other hand are definitely gonna be around. I can almost hear GM whimpering like Princess Leia to Obi Wan, "'re my last hope Subaru..."
  18. Teh why sit and talk about how the EVO will rip up the stang. If you have no driving exp. to know if it will?
  19. Just remember: The EVO is the real race car.
  20. Well, apparently some people don't get the concept of "just for grins" that I put up before I said a word...
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