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Discussion in '2005 - 2009 Specific Tech' started by CarrollShelby, Aug 17, 2004.

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  1. So Ford's doing Mach 1 power in a GT, yet you want even more than that.....still assuming a GT price. You want power, pay for it. Pull out your wallet or go the hell home.
  2. :lol: :cheers:

  3. Wow... it took me three paragraphs to say what you said in three sentences... I love it! :nice:
  4. At least they gave the Mustang a sizeable boost in horsepower and a decent boost in torque. Most guys can drive a 5 speed gt to high 13's now.

    With an additional 40 horsepower and 18 lb.-ft. of torque mid 13's shouldn’t be a problem. Think about what a minor bolt on GT could do. We used to have to pay for the bolt-ons just to get those 40 horses they are giving us from the factory now.

    They also might want to leave themselves headroom for improved models to drive people back into the show room in future years. Guys that buy an 05 may be tempted to trade them in for 07’s with 350 hp. Ford has to have something to entice people to trade up. You have to have a marketing/engineering strategy that makes the bean counters happy. Remember that the 96 4.6 had 215 horses which ford bumped to 260 in 99.
  5. 300hp is just fine, but a 5.0 would be nice, like someone said
  6. I don't think people are asking for a More powerfull base Mustang (GT), They want a second V8 with more power. The Mustang Should have V6, base V8, hi-po V8. Like I said the 300hp 4.6L is good for a midrange engine, but the Mustang should also have and optional 3v 5.0L or 3v 5.4L V8 for $1200-$2000 more.

    Bore and stroke doesn't really add much cost to an engine, I read that the price difference to build a Silverado 4.8L, 5.3L, or 6.0L is only $15 :eek: Ford could have done a 91 octane burning 4.9L 3v with 350HP as an optional engine. Or at the very least offer a higher compression 4.6L with more agressive cams putting out 330HP
  7. Okay... Why Porsche make the Carrera GT, Bentley make Continental GT, Ferrari make Enzo, Lamborghini make Murciélago, BMW make Z8, Mercedes make SLR, Aston-Martin make Vanquish, Chrysler Make Viper, GM make Z06 and Cadillac XLR, Saleen make S7 , Ford make GT40 and all the other, living nicely?

    First part... It's a compagny Flag!

    They have a specific market buyer's... Who need's and love Power and probably are glamour people's! The rich and famous
    showing they're big buck's...

    The second Market buyer's are what I call the Rider people's(like me and probably you) who want's big horsepower and high tech for low cost MSRP... They want a car who can complete with all the big boy's name for a low rate, 1/4 of the price and that's why the Ford compagny was made my friend's... It's the basic, the spirit of Ford!

    Today, the big war is horsepower for buck and when you have a car who can complete with the big one for $40,000 it's a winner! In Canada the Cobra inventory is SOLD OUT... Why??? Because, the Cobra is the best way to have a very powerful car at sheap price! The Cobra can fight any car's on the planet with a very low cost MOD'S... I saw some Cobra number here, who totally disturb me!
    1/4 mile in 10-11 sec's at 120-125mph... That my point and also the spirit of the Henry Ford compagny!

    Today, we have the King of the Road with the Cobra! Next summer??? Oups!
    Like I said... The check is in the mail! Why waiting 2 or maybe 3 years to have what we got today??? I have a Cobra 04" and if I change my car it's gone a be for a better one not worst...

    The new Mustang GT 05" is maybe(300hp) a good starting point, but who care about Cobra owner's Ford Motors??? Carroll Shelby... Come on! The guy is super legend and a hero, but he have 82 years old??? 85 in 2007...

    I hope Mustang SVT Chief project read it!
  8. Big horsepower for a cheap price? Last time I checked a Cobra was a heck of a lot more then a GT and out of many Stangers price ranges (it was out of mine for both cost and insurance). That's why so many younger stang buyers get GTs and mod the piss outta them over time as money becomes available.

    So keep your superior '04 Cobra for a couple of years and get a new Cobra when they come out if u don't like the new numbers from the GT. I don't see the big deal. Last time I checked there were plenty of modded 2v GTs running around putting down impressive power, running some impressive times and they are only getting faster. I think it's a good idea for Ford to come out with the decently powered GT at a resonable price then research, test, improve and enhance that platform for the new Cobra that can run with higher priced offering from other companies.
  9. Come on Catman... Right now you can buy a brand new Cobra for 31k and take the Ford financing at 0% rate for 60 months!

    The 05" will cost 26K and full rating %... No more 0% financing discount and after that you are going to put some mod's???

    Take your calculator machine please and give me you're number... Sorry, but I don't understand your figure!
  10. 400HP GTO More Expensive than a gt
    340HP 300C More Expensive than a gt
    340HP Chrager R/T More Expensive than a gt
    425HP 300C SRT-8 (6.1L Hemi) Definately more Expensive than a gt
    425HP Chrager SRT-8 (05 or 06?) Definately more expensive than a gt

    Of course if you would like to spend the difference between these cars and the gt. I'll bet you'll narrow up the hp margin. Of course that would throw out the whole argument of the 05 lacking hp. But you do have to pay for power.

    Not that I doubt you. But what other sites have members Drag racing these things. I was just told by a dealer yesterday. Not to expect any until October. I mean job 1 isn't even for what another 3 weeks? I'd like to talk to the people who are drag racing them already.
  12. I can understand typos or spelling something wrong in a post.
    but check your sig....
    I ate dinner.
    I ate at the diner
    Or is that the British/Canadian way of spelling it? like color is colour, and tires is tyres?
  13. Maybe French is his first language?
  14. The 260hp GT had no problem selling, so I have no doubt the '05 with 300hp will not have one.
  15. Your getting a 300hp car with a fully redesigned chassis, and an all new 3v head which should give the car a much wider band of power... All for 25,000 dollars. Sound's like one hell of a deal to me. If the car is as quick as the Mach1 is now, than it should have no problem competing with a GTO with the LS2 IMO (I figure the CTS-V runs low 13's and weighs only 100lbs more than the GTO and since the Mach1 5-speeds run low 13's, there ya go.)

    Your talking about the Base GT too... The more power they add, the more insurence your going to pay, it would just get to the point where you might as well just have bought yourself a Cobra and started paying the premiums on it.
  16. I like those ideas, I was thinking the same thing. I two think a slightly bigger engine would be a good option like maybe the 4.9 hi-po.....but it almost sounds extreme to ask Ford for more than a 4.6. Sure the 4.6 can be a lethal engine with a forged motor and boost like the Cobra but what about N/A performance...does Ford even care?
  17. Why compare to the GTO anyway :shrug:

    If you must do it then compare it equally $7000 less buy a lot of parts. Mustang looks better, has a great interior like the GTO, and is lighter.

    Charger is too far down the road and more expensive also, the 300 is a more expensive and REALLY different kind of car.

    Mustang is and always has been about bang for the buck. Not a whole lot of cars with 300+ horsepower in the $25,000 range.
  18. Well you know with a bigger motor like a 5.7 or 6.0 it will be way easier to make more power. If the LS2 is anything like the ls1 with full bolt ons and a cam it should make close to 450rwhp. A Mustang with a 5.4L n/a 300hp sounds pretty good:)
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