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Discussion in '2005 - 2009 Specific Tech' started by CarrollShelby, Aug 17, 2004.

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  1. Yes, I'm french Canadian... Sorry for my bad English!

    My point is... For the same monthly payment of your new GT 2005, you drive a new Cobra 2004 at 0% rate for 60 months!

    For me... It's better deal!
  2. They already have it, it's called the Cobra and Mach 1.

    It's a whole new Mustang, just give them some time to work with it. Other models will come out eventually.
  3. Good. Then switch over to another forum, and pat yourself on the back there. This isn't the 04 Cobra forum.
  4. But for someone who wants the 05. It's not a good deal.
  5. I understand what you're saying and too some extent I agree but it really is the eye of the beholder type thing. I mean in terms of power yes the Cobra is "better" thent he 05 GT, but the new Stang trounces the Cobra in every other mechanical aspect (cept IRS if you're a fan of that). Not everyone wants a 25 year old chassis that's been bandaided since the late 80's.

    For me it was better to trade in my 02 GT for a Mach 1 and not wait for an '05. I liked the Machs heritage, the 4v DOHC motor, the limitedness of the special edition car and I still like the looks of our new edge sytling more then the newer 05 on the way. They had a used Cobra on the lot with 7000 miles for 27k when I got my mach brand new for less then 25k. Even though the Cobra is by far the faster car with more potential then the Mach, that was the only aspect I liked more and I didn't think that made the Mach any less of a car.

    Nobody is going to deny the 03+ Cobra's prowess but I think it's foolish to think it's the end all be all in terms of bang for the buck value and that nothing else can touch it on the street, because that's not the case at all.
  6. Yes those cars are faster and slightly more expensive, but many Mustang fans would rather spend extra and get a 375HP car for $30,000 vs. a 300HP car for $26,000. Sure you can mod, but the vast majority of owners don't mod and don't want to risk voiding the warranty. Plus modding lowers your resale value.

    I'll try to get links, (I think I read the dyno stuff from Blueovalnews but I'll have to double check) they were pre-production cars. the vid of the 14.2 auto mustang is all over the web.

    No, because the V6 is cheaper, cost less to reapir (less parts), and probably gets in less accedents. exp: 310hp Camaro is Cheaper to insure than a 260hp Mustang or 170hp Integra.

    Charger will be shown this winter and will be in showrooms by April 2005
  7. Coulda fooled me. :D

  8. so your saying the insurance rates on a Viper VS a GT Mustang have nothing to do w/ HP ratings :rolleyes: Im pretty sure the new viper is built better and is more safer then a 03 GT. Im also sure that there are more GT's on the road VS new Vipers so the accident rates for GT's would be higher.

  9. I was thinking the same thing.

    I think most people would want to start with a lower priced car so they could do what they want with it.
  10. Again, read my other post. You can't compare a Viper to a Mustang GT because they are not in the same price range. A Viper GTS hood cost $12,000 :eek: they are expensive to repair. More cars don't mean higher rate. by rate I mean % not total # of accedents. Call your insurance co. price a 200HP Acura RSX vs. a 200HP Ford Turaus. Both cost about the same and have the same HP so insureance shold be the same right? nope the RSX will be higher. HP plays a very small role in insurance prices.

    Think about it, you're on the internet talking to only enthusists, and when you go to a drag strip and see other Mustang owners they are enthusists. Enthusists mod, regular buyers don't mod and hide in the shadows :). Go shop used Mustangs at dealerships, very few have performance mods.
  11. The vid is meaningless since it hasn't been validated (we hear someone say he ran 14.2 but we never see it on the video). If we see mag reviews with that kind of time then I'll agree with you. I'd like to see the link to the dyno test results.
  12. I'm gonna go out on a limb here and disagree, at least in my area more often then not I see Mustangs on the streets with some type of mod ie exhaust. Maybe the ones at the dealers don't have mods on them but I bet a lot of them had some type of mod at one point. Most of the Stangs on the streets in my area do. Heck when I had my GT with a bunch of bolt ons I had an agreement with the dealer and they didn't sell my car for about a week (when they already had a buyer lined up for it) until I was able to get all my mods off and virutally return it to stock, cept for the chin spoiler and tint, when I traded it in for my Mach. My friend works at the local Ford dealer up the street and he always tells me about Mustangs being traded in with stuff done to them.
  13. The reason you don't see modded stangs on lots is because the dealer has to have it up to spec on everything. This includes legal exhaust and everything down to the tires. Thats why they either make you return it to stock or sell it wholesale. Liabilty is too high and usually too much money to return it to stock. A stock gt catalytic mid pipe costs 1200 bucks for an 01 gt.

  14. Do we need to go any further than this? If you want the 300 hp for a low price, then buy it. If you want more, then wither wait for the SVT or the aftermarket.
  15. Do we need to go any further than this? If you want the 300 hp for a low price, then buy it. If you want more, then either wait for the SVT or the aftermarket.
    Oops, sorry for the double post.
  16. Not only everything you just said, but the warranty aspect alone. Dealers typically offer warranties on the cars and they don't want that warranty to now cover a kenne belle chip and supercharger, too! Dealers don't mind mods, so long as they are stuff they can fix on-site, with their own staff. Chin spoilers and stuff... whatever... chips, chargers, exhausts... they don;t want nothing to do with it.

    In the case of the Stang, Ford underdrive pullies and larger throttle bodies, no problem... if they are aftermarket.. may be... and if it's aftermarket and it breaks, they will replace it with a stock one under warranty.
  17. How does everybody on these boards get the incredable prices on cars. The invoice on a base cobra is $32,093 according to
  18. Because rebates/incentives. They can take the price down to below invoice.
  19. Exactly... Rebates/incentives will be bellow the invoice of the car! Some people's said $28,000 for brand new Cobra coupe 2004? Wow, that's a deal!
  20. Yes it is and if you want to ride around on a platform that's 15 years old go right ahead. It's a wonderful car. But to go complaining the 05 GT doesn't have enough power....come on man give it up.
    It's got plenty of power for the price, it's a better all around vehicle on top of it and there's nothing saying the new Stang WON'T be getting those improved performance models.

    300C SRT-8 will be 35k and have 4 doors.
    The GTO will be 32k.
    The Charger likely will start at 28k IF we are lucky and it'll have 4 doors.
    The Camaro won't be out until 07 thusly giving Ford plenty of time to respond(and wouldn't you rather them see what they are up against and respond than get stuck with a car that GM designed their Camaro specifically to beat?)

    In other words calm down. Decrying the 05 Gt for a lack of power is crazy(especially since it isn't even out yet and comparing it to other cars that also are not out yet). Just give it time. For example I could be freaking out the Lightning is no longer the fastest production truck. I'm not because Ford now has a full year to build their Lightning as an answer to the SRT-10 and building it to crush the thing. Give Ford time to do the same with the Mustang. Don't like the numbers on the 05 just WAIT a couple of years.
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