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Discussion in '2005 - 2009 Specific Tech' started by CarrollShelby, Aug 17, 2004.

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  1. Have you driven an '05 Stang yet? If not, how do you know for sure an f-body is more fun?
  2. But we don't know yet which is faster. If the 05 Mustang does come in faster than the LS1 F-body does it really matter they put out more power? To me no.
  3. So what is the prize for competing with a car that proved high hp numbers don't sell very well? Let's be realistic. I would have to wonder at the 03/04 Cobra sales numbers. While I think it was a decent selling car. I have gone to several dealers to try finding out who's going to charge what over invoice on an 05. And every one of them has at least 1 cobra on the lot. Most had 3 or more.
  4. If the camaro and Firebird are/were so great how come they arent in production anymore and the mustang is?
  5. Either way the GT wont be the fastest car out there. An EVO or STI are faster cars as is the SRT-4. Now I'm not arguing about what is better or not. I'd rather have the Stang, and if I were to buy one, I wouldn't have my hopes on it being a superfast car. Hopefully the new Cobra or SVT or WTH they are calling will take care of that. Thant's what I'm gonna wait for.
  6. So you have actually raced an 05 against those cars? Not magazine estimates. But really in the driver's seat on a real track?

    And where are the time slips?
  7. EVO or STI maybe, SRT-4??? The new Motor Trend (I think) tested one this month and it went 14.5 in the quarter, the 99-04 Stangs are faster than that.
  8. Those car can run equal or beat the 03/04 Cobra which I'm sure is faster than the 05 GT. And an SRT-4 I've heard of beating Vettes. I wouldn't want any of those, but I'm not expecting the new GT to be much faster than the Current one.

    According to these guys SRT-4 is in the 13's.
  9. A fully loaded Fbody at the time didn't cost less then 25k, maybe a stripper model but no way a top of the line Z28 or Trans Am did. I know that for a fact cause I was comparing them with my '02 GT when I purchased it a couple years ago.

    The 05 GT is not gonna get owned by any 2005 F-bodies out there, I can tell you that. New Mustang will be leaps and bounds ahead of the F-bodies mechanically and will be on par in the power department. All bets are off when cars are modded so I don't see your point. That being said I still like the F-bodies and only hope GM will bring them back in one form or another.

  10. I'd put my money on the Cobra..

    The new car will be faster than the current one, I've never heard of that website you linked, probably just an estimate from them.

    I found this time on a mopar website "Sport Compact Car: 0-60 5.8 seconds, quarter mile 14.2 seconds"

    Now Sport Compact Car is one of the top Import/compact car magazines out there, I'm sure their testers can drive a lot better than the sideways hat crowd that drive the things. There is just no way the 05 GT will be slower than the SRT-4.

    Hell a pre-production automatic 05 that was babied out the hole went 14.2 in the quarter.
  11. Magazine racing = :bs:

    And an SRT-4 beating a Vette.......alright, let's start comparing modded cars to stock ones, that just makes the bench racing even better. :rolleyes:
  12. Well I just through in the SRT-4 as an example and they are $21K vs $26K. And it sounds like it is pretty even or close to the 05 GT according to your times. The STI and EVO are faster however.

    Man you guys are sensitive, but there are faster cars out there.
  13. 13.9...just barely in the 13s. At any rate, to push the SRT-4 down to the same times as an '04 Cobra or Vette (other than stripping the car down to reduce the weight), you'd need to up the boost quite a bit. They're already pumping alot of power out of that littlel four-holer. Any more boost and you're just driving around a grenade.
  14. Still not bad for a four-holer.
  15. I don't dispute that one bit. It's a fast little bugger and pretty good bang for buck if refinement isn't an issue. It would definitely give an '04 GT a run for its money but an '04 Mach 1 or Cobra, no way (stock vs. stock). Since the '05 is supposed to have Mach I type peformance, I'd say no way on that count either.
  16. originally posted by PMJ99
    you gotta be kidding me a hard launced cobra can run 12's and your saying those cars can beat the cobra rofl give me a break if you want those cars to run even near the times of a cobra you hafta push those little 4bangers so hard and by that time look what you have a ragged out worthless pos engine just like the cars they are in
  17. 300 HP in a light bodied AWD car runs good. Stock to Stock the Cobra will catch on the high end. A few mods and the STI/EVO are pretty sick cars. Just like anything else if you build it the right way the engine should hold up. EVO and STI have taken down 03/04 Cobra and Vettes. They are pretty serious cars. I'm not into the whole ricer thing but I do respect those cars. You're basically getting a race car that handles great and is fast. Yeah it's a 4 banger with 300+ HP running in the high 12's low 13's. I wouldn't call them worthless.
  18. After reading through most of this I will say this. Props to the STI/Evo/SRT-4 for their power and somewhatlow price, but they are still based on an ugly car.
    As for the hp figure for the next Mustang, its about time Ford hit the 300 hp mark. Is it enough? For some yes, for others NO. But, as we have seen in the past, modding is always available for those who need more.
  19. Well looks are just and opinion. I look at what you get and appreciate the car for what it is and what you get. They have teh lastest technology built into the engine and drivetrain, brakes, suspension, etc. I'm not to sure about the SRT-4, I just know it's one quick Neon.
  20. The "quick" part of that statement is fine with me. It's the "Neon" part that I have trouble with! :D
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