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  1. Not trying to argue, but the first summer I had my car I had to replace the radiator because it was so clogged up with deposits. Could I have had it cleaned out? Maybe but since my car was my daily driver at the time I bought a stock replacement radiator at the parts store for under a hundred dollars and called it a day.
  2. I made no such post or suggestion. In your typical fashion, you've attempted to alter reality to suit your whim, just as you do with your car advise. I suppose that would account for much of the fact skewing that you've been scattering all over the forum. It's appearant by this post alone that very little of what you read is retained in any similarity to what was actually written.

    Follow your own advise.

  3. Old Age and Tap Water would be my guess. Your 200k mile radiator isn't clogged thats good, but my 117k one was. So it can happen.
  4. so you preach that it is fine to run the motor very hot, but you would never do it (though you drive people's cars that are doing just that). i give.

    hey, i have a whole bunch of old parts - err i mean used, but apparently good-as-new parts. interested?
  5. Unless his cooling system was barely "holding it's own" before the installation of the SC. The problem most likely, already existed. The installation of the supercharger could have been the straw that broke the camel's back and made it appearant.
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  7. Aw, shucks Raph, c'mon back. This'll be just like the thread on injector size. We're just startin' to have some fun with you.

    Shape - you must've made a mistake with your clogged radiator. Here's how I know. Raph said "my car is not special. if something works on it it works on all"; his radiator's not clogged. Therefore yours couldn't have been. See how easy it is? Just ask Raph. If it's happened to him - it will happen to you. If it hasn't happened to him, it won't happen to you.

    That makes things so simple and clear. All I need do is check with Raph. Yeah, that's the ticket.

    The Houston area has very hard water. Mineral deposits - scale - in water heaters, boilers, heat exchangers of any type was quite common. It was difficult to get a water heater to last more than about 7 years unless you had water softening equipment. When we'd pull the old heaters out, they typically weighed a good 30-50 lbs. more than when we put them in. Why? Scale/deposits. In fact, when you rolled them out to dispose of them, you could hear what amounted to 50 lbs. of 'gravel' rolling around in the bottom - that's how much scale could get deposited in a short period of time. WAY too much for chemical cleaning. The same thing happens to radiators and heater cores. Distilled water helps a lot, but you have to take care to drain the system when it's brand new and get distilled water in it. Or, just get raph to sell you one of his radiators which are clog-free.
  8. "but whatever take bad advice. im outta here. "

    If you're truly outta here, he won't have to worry about bad advice anymore. Don't know how to be any more direct than that.
  9. Put me down for one of those too please!
  10. hey my old stock rad. has a nice big hole in it you guys think it will work better than new? :lol:
  11. Just plug the hole with a 160* thermostat. It will work better than ever! :D
  12. Good point Michael I must have just imagined all of the white gunk I saw inside my radiator. Hell at only 117K it was barely broken in and could have lasted me another 300k miles atleast. :D :spot: But on a serious note it does depend on your water. Water has different chemical and mineral mixtures from city to city. Like Michael said some places you might be lucky to get a water heater to last 7 years other places the same heater might last 20 years. That same thing applies in this case.
  13. raph - I thought you were 'outta here'?
  14. Raph130 - Again you are giving "dangerous" posts to problems... :nonono:

    You really do have little to no clue...

    And quit saying "I know somebody" or I have "a friend" that does this and that...I don't believe you and your previous post that have been viewed show use the "friend" excuse to try to prove a point...thinking we will believe you...its like saying "my friend raced a 91 metro and lost with his 01 z28"...but in reality if they were stock it wouldn't happen...quit falling back on the "friend" and start owning up to why you believe in what you believe in...

    In fact, either start posting sensibly and ask questions and learn...or leave...

    Learn or leave...that are your only two realistic reasons for staying because you are not in a good "teaching" position...

  15. I guess he came back just to call HISSIN retarted. Look out HISSIN he may want to meet you out by the monkey bars during recess.