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  1. Actually I think you got that confused with what I was hoping for :)
  2. Reminds me of the story of the Navy seaman who arrived back at the ship after shore leave with a wicked case of the clap. Embarrassed when he went to the ship doc, he explained that his "friend" had contracted something after ill-advised sexual contact, and that he needed to take medicine back to his "friend". The Doc simply smiled and said "Unzip, lay your 'friend' up here and let's have a look at him"!
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    so now i am a retarded freak. still better than what Michael does in his spare time. :)

    you said before that you drove your 'friend's' car at 230*. i guess you did not drive it that long.

    if engines did not have tolerances, the first time you tried to run it, it would not run.
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    we all know they dont let retards play on the monkey bars.

    BTW, seriously, i sorta take exception at the reference to retards (not your reference TS, but Raph for throwing the term around. i made a common joke myself, which i really should not have.).
    i have worked with developmentally challenged folks and there is not one thing they can do about it. funny thing is that they are some of the most genuine, sweet people you will ever meet; not malicious at all! they often possess qualities i wished more 'normal' people possessed. i would prefer if i was called something derogatory that was not offensive to a group i feel dont deserve to be made fun of.
  5. man this is crazy....what is it with people on this board tryin to start problems...i guess that because they will never meet people they figure they can do and say what they want....some people on here cant seem to take any type of critisism without being offended and lashing out.....anyway back to the original problem....i would do as stated and start with the small oldsmobile had 70,xxx miles on it and had significant buildup in it..i had it flushed and cleaned and i could actually see a difference in the temp it ran hadnt ever overheated but did run cooler closing why cant we all just get mean we are all on her for one reason, we love mustangs and we should really have more respect for one another

    sry its long
  6. the quote just funny, sorry :rlaugh: i know you meant "here".
  7. Straws do break camels backs.

    My stock engine ran fine with the stock radiator, clutch fan and underdrive pullies. Rebuilt engine w/ H/C/I and overheat city. Bought a summit alum radiator and it helped but was not the culprit. It was the lack of flow because of the u/d pullies at idle. An electric fan fixed that problem and now i can sit in traffic for hours and not have to worry.

    Check your fan clutch. Look around it and see if any of the fluild from the clutch has seeped out. Or run it to operating temp and turn the car off. Try to move the fan, it should have a good amount of resistance.
  8. :) can I run without a rad then? Perhapse I could simply omit it and run air cooled like my old Nighthawk 750.
  9. :lol: problem solved dont use a rad. as long as you have the 160 everthing will be A ok. :nice:
  10. oh my you are a moron, why do you think they make stock replacement radiators, because they go bad and start falling apart. aluminum radiator would be a great idea with a blower, especially if he keeps upgrading the motor. when mine got to 290, no damage was made by the way.
  11. ok will a car overheat with too much antifreeze, i know it doesn't cool as good as straight water but i know it won't overheat an engine either
  12. you are right - water transfers heat ~2.4 times better than antifreeze would.

    an engine can overheat with straight antifreeze. it is kind of a catch 22 the way i see it. with more antifreeze, all other things being equal, the car will run hotter (the cooling media cant transfer heat as efficiently). antifreeze does raise the boiling point though (you would be surprised how little it does, though). a mixture of more water will have a lower boiling point, but since water transfers heat better, the car wont get as hot.
  13. well i never have had mixxes, just straight water and antifreeze when the time of year calls and no overheating.
  14. so you either run 100% water or 100% antifreeze? im curious (not a bash at all, just curious) why you run 100% antifreeze (in winter i presume). a mix of say 50/50 would likely give you enough freezing protection but would cool a bit better once the motor is warm. i dont understand the reasoning behind the straight antifreeze (i live in the desert also). :)
  15. I run 50/50 also...

    Distilled Water and Prestone Antifreeze...

    If my car ever overheats I'm going to chunk my Griffin and put in a 160* thermostat and I might just go ahead and bypass the water pump and I bet I won't overheat anymore according to Raph130 :nice:

  16. ROFL!!!!

    Raph is the biggest idiot I have ever seen post EVER. lmao if it works for my car it will work on yours!
  17. i am too lazy i guess. i don't even use it anymore, i just drain the radiator and the motor when it gets cold enough to freeze, which is maybe 2 or 3 times a year
  18. i was racing a skyline and i accidentally farted in all the excitement, it made my car fly past him. i would have lost if i didn't do that, you should try raph, or have you already, did it work.
  19. Anybody mention anything about checking the fan clutch? I'm not reading 4 pages of posts.....I would put in a 180 stat- 5.0's are not designed to run that cool (meaning 160 or below)- the computer will not like it. Anyway, back to what I'd do.....I'd flush the system, put a new stat in, put in at least a high efficiency 3 row, and, finally I'd check the fan clutch. An electric fan wouldn't hurt. Sorry if I'm late and somebody already said the same thing.

  20. Mike- You are on fire. I'm about to pee on myself.