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  1. Those times are more of what I had in mind. Do you think I should invest in some braces after axle & tires.
  2. Well, you basically need an entire 99+ GT rear susp plus a driveshaft and the GT rotors and a GT cat-back. That's it. Everything else is up to you and what you want to do.
  3. tell me how you did this.
  4. Suspension, gear, and tires basically

    Performance mods: steeda pulleys, ported stock maf meter, home made 4" intake tube, mac offroad H-pipe, magnaflow catback

    Suspension: X2C front drag coilovers, 90/10 struts, UPR dbl adj upper control arms, X2C lowers, stock GT springs with 1 coil cut, QA1 12-way shocks, mac subframes, welded torque boxes

    Rearend: strange 31 spline axles, FRPP 31-spline trac-lok, 4.56 gear

    Bogart 15x3.5's and 15x8's with M/T ET Streets 26x11.50x15(driven to and from the track)

    remove the sway bar, rear seat delete, pull the spare and jack (no other weight reduction)

    Do a nice smokey burnout, leave on the rev limiter at 7,050 RPM's, shift 1-2 at 7K, shift 2-3 at 7K.
  5. now thats when the fun starts...pulling good 60fts creates a real head rush. It sometimes feels like suspended animation reaching for second gear.
  6. 12.80's on street tires.------and im not gonna say with this, that, and the other spinning, which is what ALWAYS follows time posts. All motor run also, with the gas 11's @ 798mph :rlaugh:
  7. :hail2: :hail2: