Not happy with Ford product or service

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  1. No worries! :) I received your PM, and that information remains private. If you didn't see my reply, I escalated the issue and a Customer Service Manager has already been in contact with your dealer to help find a resolution. I don't have the ability to make or receive calls, as I'm a social media agent, but you'll be contacted once they have an update.

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  2. Thanks for your help in this matter Natasha.
  3. My pleasure. Have a great day!

  4. Just did a search for camaro brake noise and got the same problem that you are having. Pretty much what everyone said was that performance brakes make a lot of noise and dust. Larger contact areas being a culprit.
  5. The squeal is coming from the rears, which are Ford not Brembo.
  6. I had to go to 2 dealers before my water leak was fixed. My experiences are a thread in the forum. After 2 visits to the first one and having to listed to "We can't duplicate it...", I decided to give the dealer I bought it from a shot at it. Their first assessment was "We can't duplicate it...". I brought up Oklahoma's lemon law into the discussion and guess what!! They found the leak and fixed it. No problems since.

    The lemon law here cannot be invoked until you are without the car for 30 days total as a result of problem. I was at about 8 when the issue was resolved. It's a frustration! I feel your pain...
  7. Natasha I was wondering who keeps an eye on Ford dealerships in general. Because huntington beach ford is fool of down right dirty dealers. Im suprised people still keep coming to them after bad reviews. And the Dealership here in Chino Hills is perfect. why such a difference?
  8. I'm new here... it's nice to see Ford monitoring forums. Very nice!
  9. OkieHick - I'm sorry it took so many visits to have the leak found, but I'm glad they were finally able to locate and fix it.

    kwiltse08gtcs -Our dealerships are independently owned and operated, but we strive to achieve high levels of customer satisfaction. I'm bummed you've had negative experiences with Huntington Beach Ford. If you would like to have the situation documented, please shoot me a PM with some details. Thanks!

    adamisadam - Welcome to the community, and thanks for the feedback! :) Feel free to let me know if I can answer any questions.

  10. Update: When the dealer changed the ring and pinion, they did not secure the pan hard bar. As for the brakes, per Ford Motor Corp, if you have the Brembo brakes, get used to brake squeal. They tell me it is the nature of the brakes. That answer really doesn't work for me. I asked if dealers were going to warn future customers to expect this and the answer was no. I will be making another post re: brake squeal and warning as many people as possible. I did find out that if you do some HARD braking, it goes away, but only for a short time.
  11. High performance brakes squeal until they get hot. It is considered common knowledge among performance auto enthusiasts. There are pad alternatives like Hawk HPS pad that do not squeak or dust up as much but they will fad sooner than higher performance pads. In other words the squeaky pads you have are the best pads for performance but not for the satisfaction of the average car buyer. You should here my Roush squeal, lol.
  12. The Camaros and Vets have Brembos and I have been making it a point to listen to their braking characteristics, and I don't here the squeal.
  13. They probably use a street pad, probably why the Mustang stops so much better than a Camaro....Just change your pads if you want quiet.
  14. Anyone think its odd that the exscessive squeeling and return of gear noise are both in the rear end? I know it shouldnt be related....but.....

    Maybe axle issues of some sort putting strain on the gears and rotors/calipers?

    Seems remote...and probably just coincidence......but.....
  15. I am at my wits end with the rear end of my 2011 GT. I have had rear end whine problems with all 3 of my new s197s.

    This one started when i noticed a pinion bearing noise on deceleration at a couple thousand miles. They replaced the pinion bearing. but after that the rear end whined at highway speeds. I brought it in where they replaced the ring and pinion. Well it still made noise so they replaced them again. It was perfectly quiet for a week and then it came back. I seriously just think that the technician just doesn't know how to get the gear pattern correct. I paid 37k for a car that the rear end it louder then a Mack truck. So damn annoying. I recently moved from Kansas back to Florida and I am looking into bringing it back to a competent dealer if anyone knows of one.

    I also had the windshield replaced due to a crack at 2500 miles and ever since the windshield has whistled. I've had it back two sperate times and it's still there sometimes.

    Rant off
  16. I've seen a few RR calipers locking on the 11+ cars, perhaps that is your noise
  17. Where in FL are you located?
  18. I'm in Tampa now but I used to live in Orlando for over 8 yrs and I know that Tropical Ford on south OBT has had a good reputation for a long time. Try to check their reviews in you decide to give'em a try. Good luck.