Not looking good for the Mustang

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  1. scary **** huh.

    those rims are worth more than your car.

    those shipping details are fake... notice the lack of 'purchase'

    I love that your so threatened by my presance you do a backround check. haha i love it.

    And yes, keep diggin, you'll find some things to tell people when you go to jail.
  2. im done here

    have fun with your mustangs.

    ill e-mail you in 6 months.

    dont worry, ill video tape the race and you can find it under the thread of 'founder of gets ass handed to him' at camaro5.

  3. And your 19. LOL!! You prove it more with ever post.

    I am no where near threatened, I just wanted to prove my point, that you don't know what your talking about and your full of $hit. Which comes out with ever post you reply to.

    So let's review your posts here today.

    Claiming you've purchased a Camaro. BS
    That you can do all the work your self. BS (because you don't even know the difference between superchargers and turbocharges)
    Avoiding my posts of the $7,200 ls3 supercharger kit. Oh and you've left out the mustang I've posted, and currently..what's your ride? Don't lie.
  4. Alright big dawg...keep on keepin on! :rlaugh:
  5. BAHAHAHAH 19!!!! :rlaugh::rlaugh::rlaugh::rlaugh::rlaugh:


    :SNSign: FTW.. I'll be there to watch you smoked by "the founder of stangnet" :rlaugh::rlaugh::rlaugh::rlaugh::rlaugh:
  6. Lol wow, this is a great thread.. He keeps skipping over all of the major things that disprove his stories...
  7. Wow....A Camaro fanboy telling 'Stang drivers to "lose the mullet." Talk about the pot and the kettle. And only 19 haha. Hey congoman, did your daddy buy you your camaro?

    But seriously, aquire some real car knowledge, and not just what you read on your little Camaro fanboy forums.
  8. actually i bought it, because i didnt want to stretch my budget for an M3.

    Ive had a job for years now, and from the looks of it, i probaly make more money than most of those on this forum who drive 90's mustangs.

    like i said before in my first post, im not a troll.

    however, dickusmaximus decided to post against me as if i were a troll, so thats 'what i became'

    and im interested... you say that my information is wrong... how?

    seriously, show me proof that your right. id like to know. If you can get a mustang for the same price, without mods, as a camaro, i will cancel my order and buy a 2011 mustang. ive always liked them more anyways, but honestly, there are so many reasons not to get one it makes it hard to justify.

    ps. I do have a Camaro on order. why would i make that up?

    (what i didnt tell you was i used a GM discount to take it down to 32k.)
  9. The Mustang didn't see at MSRP for months. The GT500's are still fetching dealer markup at some places. Same thing with the Challenger. Neither of these could be used with company discounts for months either. If I was to go out and buy a Challenger today, I probably still couldn't use my company discount. Everything else that you've said aside, you expect us to believe a 19 year old kid walked into a dealership and was able to come out under MSRP? Not happening.

    I'm placing a temporary ban on you. If you can PM me a good reason why I should leave you on the board (i.e., what you can contribute to the Mustang community), we'll see about letting you stay on the board. If you want to bash Mustangs, do it on your F body board. This post has gotten out of control.
  10. wow this is too much for me. Im lost now, Im going over to the v6 forum. :)

  11. GM discount that the average car buyer will not have, so poor argument.

    Oh and for the record, you can buy an '09 GT deluxe (that's the base GT) strip the options and at $27,570 (MSRP, which you can buy Mustangs for lower than MSRP, I did it 2 years ago when they were still the car to have!) + 7% sales tax = approx. $29,470. You can go buy the Roush TVS S/C (Roush includes a full 3 year warranty and flashes your ECU in this price) and the Roush stage 3 suspension from Roush for $7915 tax included (you can get them for cheaper at certain dealers, do the hw), join the Roush Club of America for $25 a year, send in those receipts to the Roush club and they'll reimburse you 10%, which will pay for labor. So $37,500 (with all taxes, all labor) gets you a Mustang with at least 510 hp which will smoke the Slomaro at the track, strip, or on the street.

    $32,000 + 7% sales tax = $34240 + $3210 for your cam = $37,450. Oh you need your tune too, that's at least $500, which puts you over the Mustang. That's assuming it's you (using your "GM discount") buying the car and you do all the work yourself. But for the average Slomaro buyer, they're probably looking at close to $41,500 (using a $34,000 MSRP) for a comparable car.

    What else can one put on the Mustang for an additional $4000? New pulley? New exhaust? Better rims and tires? All of the above? Any of those will put the Stang on top. It's too bad I didn't do that with my Mustang when I bought it.

    Mustang >>> Camaro

    Just imagine if the new 2010 Mustang has like 50 hp more and costs 3% more, still puts it at only $1000 more than the '09.

    2010 Mustang >>>> 2010 Camaro

    Oh I forgot to mention the whole weight issue. Yeah....lighter cars go faster than heavier cars with the same numbers. Simple physics.
  12. I think I have seen this guy before on, under username Mpower! Troll!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. We drive '90's Mustangs because we WANT to. :mad:

    You're gone. :notnice:
  14. First of all Josh, to clear things up. I should've said that when the 400HP 5.0 4v arrives in the 2011 Mustang GT. That it will then be quicker than the Camaro SS, not just strictly from a HP point of view, as in who the real HP king is ? But also due to the fact, that Mustang is significantly lighter as well.

    Therefore, excuse me for my poor choice of wording.

    As for what I said concerning the 2011 GT's 6speed trans/larger engine/powertrain, as in (400HP 5.0)

    I also clearly stated, that in addition to the larger powertrain/6speed trans. The 2011, will also have a distinct weight advantage over the Camaro SS as well.

    In other words, if you combine both factors together. The 2011 GT. should then finish on top.

    As for your wiseass remark, about writing Santa a wish list is concerned. This is a direct quote from a member whose from another website.

    That being said, Fourcam330 along with every Ford insider. Have all confirmed exactly just that.

    And just for the record, the next time you attempt to discredit a senior member of this website. Make damn sure that you read in between all the lines first, and also make certain that your opinions/research are accurate !

    - Rocky
  15. :rlaugh:

    gotta love the trolls.

  16. Each side is hoping for something special from their car companies. Lets just hope the economy doesn't prevent that. With the weight advantage that the mustang always has because GM needs to put the camaro on a diet. Honestly I was positive I would get a camaro when it fist came out. After they announced the weight I was leaning toward a used c6 vette. I might be unusual but every video or picture just made me want the new camaro more and more.

    I don't see why ford wouldn't put a 400hp engine in the mustang, a race with that vs. the new camaro would be a drivers race.

    I find myself wanting a four seater car even though I don't have any kids or wife.
    Right now I have a 00 camaro SS convt. Which I'm going to trade in on a new SS convt. (which I plan on voiding the warranty almost immediately with a supercharger). So I might have to wait almost an extra year to get the convt. But some very trusted sources on the camaro sites said that the new Z28 is still coming out. Hopefully while I'm waiting for a convt we will see videos of this secret camaro on the ring in germany.

    I mean how many of us knew that the ZR1 vette was coming before it was ever announced.
  17. I'm not quite sure where you were going with this?

    Don't get me wrong, I love to debate things like this so I just wanted to be sure what part of the debate your inputting your thoughts towards. I see that you joined the site a few days ago, and have only posted about the camaro and in this thread.

    At the end of the day, I'm really glad the Camaro is back. By next year you can pick up either a Challenger, Camaro, or Mustang. Which is awesome for the consumer. More options, less mark ups, and competition between manufactures to have the best product. And I would love to see side by comparisons of each. Such as the v6 shoot out, base v8 models, and the fully loaded models.

    This is all good stuff people.

    And in all honesty, I probably won't spend my next 30k on a mustang gt, it will be on a used 2007 GT500. :flag:
  18. +1 for what Houston94vert said: more American V8's in different form (Chevy, Ford, Mopar) -- it's ALL good. Long live the muscle car! :flag:

  19. Just cause I've always leaned toward GM doesn't mean I'm going come over here and dog the mustang. I came on this sight once they released the camaro pricing and just wanted to see what you guys were saying.

    There also was such a large stretch between camaro's (02-10). My next car I was planning to spend up to 40k on, and i'm not a big fan of gto. Every once in a while I would look at mustangs I could get like supercharged saleen or even gt500 price is coming into my range. I would show some of my friends and they are talking me into getting a saleen. All they need is a pulley swap and tune. Maybe that Z28 will be supercharged hopefully. If GM doesn't go bankrupt.
  20. Good thread and as for the new camaro its nice and I'm glad to see it back on the road but I bleed ford blue. I have a 2000gt and have plans for a built motor and supercharge it and it will be fun to take on the new camaro,challenger and so on. I'm excited about the new stang coming and hope it does compete with the new camaro. My good friend at work has a 99 camaro with a ss package(ram air) and its nice he went from 320 to 435. He put cam,ported heads,intake and tune and damn its a beast. He can kick my ass any day but for some reason it does not make me want one. So anyways this congo guy was very wrong about alot he said and a mustang is the best bang for the buck IMO.