Not looking good for the Mustang

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    You know, you can debate the HP numbers all you want. Simple fact of the matter is that the Mustang has NEVER stopped production and has outsold the Camaro and Firebird combined. Mustang has a following that has never been seen before. I know you GM guys love your Camaro, but it's no Mustang!!!
    I own a 2007 Mustang GT California Special and am totally thrilled with the car. Made my last payment in September and now have a clear title. Do I plan to trade it in? Definately not. This was my 7th Mustang, and not my last. Sales numbers tell the true story, don't they???!!!!
  2. I'm looking here at my 2005 window sticker and in the trophey case section it says "Best-Selling Car in Its Class 19 Years Running" based on 2004 CY sales. Don't think the 'Maro can say that.
  3. In my opinion what had an affect on the death of the camaro and trans am. Just having their halo car priced to close. If your young with not alot of money and like chevy. You start out with a z28 maybe SS. As you get older with more income you might get a used corvette. But once you have a vette its like joining a club and thats all you want from then on, unless you want a four seater.
    Another affect of the death of camaro was there was no new generation who wanted camaros. It was the beginning of the fast n furious rice-a-roni crowd.

    Yeah ford had the GT but who could afford that, but it was cheap for what it was compared to ferrari. If you like ford all you get is really a mustang from gt, next to cobra, then to saleen roush gt500. But they are all mustangs.
  4. I wonder why? The Mustang didn't have that problem. Even with the 'ricers' and such.
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  6. IMO GM was competing with itself along with ford. GM had the transam,z28, ss,and the vette. Ford has the mustang and cobra period thats it you get what you can afford. Funny how the GM muscle have had more HP over ford but still can't out sale it. The Mustang has and will always be Americas sports car its a legend in its own right. We stang lovers don't care about the HP cause it can be modded or built later and still have the best looking sports car. :flag:
  7. cant wait for the new camaros to bring the price of the gt500 down... 490hp with cam is nice, but 590 with intake/tune is nicer =]
  8. Mustang appeals to more people due to the fact that its not an uncomfortable, fall into the seat, ugly car (last one is my personal opinion). Not everyone is looking for a car with insane power right from the factory. People from all walks of life enjoy the Mustang, have enjoyed it for the last 45 years and will continue to do so likely for years to come. If you want more power, then build it to suit your needs. GM went with more power because thats the only area they could excel above the Mustang from the factory. Obviously wasnt enough to keep the GM cars alive the last 6 - 7 years. Theyre only bringing it back now to try and ride the wave of popularity set by Ford when they redesigned the Mustang in 05. Where they came up with the idea for the look of the new camaro is beyond me, but hey whatever floats their boat. And the final point to the Mustangs appeal is evident right here on this board. GM fanboys actually take the time to sign up on an all Ford Mustang website just to try and justify how great their cars are. Who are they trying to convince? Us or them?
  9. I read the first 2 pages and skipped to a reply. I don't see the concern of the Camaro "outselling" the Mustang. Even in its last couple of years, the Camaro and Trans Am were still outsold by the Mustang by a margin of 3 to 1. (source: Consumer Reports). And those were arguably the best years for those F-Bodys. (especially with the potent LS1) The problem with General Motors is that they compete with themselves. You have the Pontiac G8, the Cobalt SS, Solstice Redline, Sky Redline, the Corvette, and the new Camaro. The price point of the Vette has gone up enough that the used Vettes are a bargain and draw new Camaro owners that route. Ford has but just one performance car; the Mustang GT. (and it's varients.) The little Cobalt in the last couple of magazines has pulled high 13's. (source: Quick Test: 2008 Chevrolet Cobalt SS - First Drive - Motor Trend) I know some Cobalt owners, and the car is easy to modify. They throw on a bigger pulley and some other mods, and they are in low 13 high 12 brackets. The Sky and Solstice redline are factory turbo cars running low 14's. (source: 2007 Pontiac Solstice GXP/Saturn Sky Red Line (Automatic) - Feature / The Quickest Cars of 2007: $25,000 to $30,000 - Feature / Features/Classic Cars / High Performance / Hot Lists / Reviews / Car and Driver - Car And Driver) Being that the car is a factory turbo, how hard is it going to be to mod that bad boy? Not hard at all.

    General Motors offers a slew of vehicles that adhere to the "performance enthusiast." And, most of the cars (opinion of course) look very good. The problem with offering so many performance vehicles is that you must price point them in order for the cars to not compete to much with your own inventory. The Cobalt, Sky, Solstice are all cars that can be had for a Mustang GT price. I think the Camaro buyer will be more of a "brand loyalty" buyer than a "hey, it blows the Ford out of the water" buyer. Ever since the introduction of the Camaro, it has never outsold the Mustang.

    The benfit of the Mustang is the aftermarket. The car has proved to be such a staple and solid seller (and Ford's only real performance product; SVT's come and go) that the aftermarket is the key Mustang's great success. People love to have unique rides. You can customize a 'Stang about a trillion different ways, and likley not be similiar to another 'Stang around. Plus, it's relativly cheap to do so. Performance wise, 'Stangs are sleepers.... The liklihood of running into a stock stang is about zilch.

    Camaro's will never have the advantage the Mustang has in terms of aftermarket and price. The Mustang GT is already such a solid performer stock. And for those people whining about the 3.6 300HP V6 in the new camaro; Ford it likly to put their direct injection version of the 3.5 in the new Mustang. (source: about everywhere) Chevrolet made the mistake of leaking to much info and delaying the Camaro to much. Ford will be ready for it, and still outsell it.

    Oh, and what's the big deal with IRS? I like the solid axle better anyway; especially for the track.
  10. Why can't everybody just appreciate a car for what it is. I've had corvettes, mustangs, GTO's, camaro's and trans ams. I guess you could say I've had them all. I like cars period. I loved the look of 06 and 07 GT's but my major complaint was the 4.6. For myself, the 4.6 just didn't cut it. From 0 to 60 it was quick but 3rd gear was weak. But, you know, I bought my 07 brand new for 26k. I paid more than that for my 02 Trans Am. So everything is relative. It's a balance between price and power. I was one of the first to order a new camaro on Oct. 13 when the order opened up. I ordered a 2SS/RS with the stripe package and paid sticker at about 35750. So its either 6k cheaper than a gt500, 7k more than a GT, 9k less than a vette, about the same as a Challenger R/T. For everybody's budget and for what everybody is shopping for, there is something for everybody. For me, the Camaro was everything I wanted in a car right now, that's why I ordered one. If they put the 5.0 in the stang, I will definitely be there to test one out and if they discount the GT500 enough, anything is possible. I'm on a lot of the forums because I enjoy cars. All the ford guys ought to be excited, because Ford will have to update the v6 as well as the v8 in order to be competitive. GM is setting out to dominate the v6 market more than the v8. I think they made the v8 just for the die hard enthusiasts. Their target is the v6, IMO. That is the difference this time around. One last thing.. Don't knock it til you've tried it. Go and drive an ls2 or an ls3 and maybe you could see the argument to the other side. For some guys, speed is everything. I look forward to the day I get to drive a GT500 and an SRT8 Challenger. I've driven the R/T and that thing was pretty quick. Definitely look forward to matching up an R/T with a GT. That is gonna be good race.
  11. Of the cars mentioned..
    1st choice-GT500
    2nd choice-Challenger SRT8
    3rd choice-Camaro SS (Only if won in a raffle or other contest)

    That Camaro is UGLY!
  12. the mustang didint have this problem cause of the people who grew up in the 60's
    and the 80's,mustangs have been passe down for generations get these cars and it starts for them.for me being 24 the fox body mustang was the thing that started it,its a true cheap sports nor cal where i grew up its all about foxbodys even today.younger people see mustangs at the street races taking care of busness,and imediatly they want to get rid of there rice and get one.what other car can you spend $1500 on in parts and turn 12 sec ET's for the price.just my $.02
    thanks joe