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  1. I have some cobra decals I want to try and sell in classifieds. They are small decals and can be stuck anyplace on any model Mustang so can I list an add on every body style in the classified section or just pick one and roll with it? Here is what I am selling.

    Brand new stick on decal. I have 28 total so if u want more then one then just add the the quantity at check out. Shipping is free no matter how many you order. Price is $2 each. Would go good on a Mustang, any Cobra, Boat, Toolbox, or anyplace you choose otherwise. The size is 1.43" round. Please note the size if you are wanting them to use as cobra wheel center caps they might be too small as I think the smallest center cap decal is 2", but I could be wrong. They are top quality bubble decals.
  2. So long as this isn't some ongoing business/enterprise, you are fine to dispose of some items or overstock. The Classifieds here are for users and clearing out unwanted goods, not for commercial activities.

  3. They where bought at the local thrift store and I don't need all of them. I just noticed my post was confusing. What I ment was that since they could be put on any year mustang. Can I post in all five classified sections? For example. Fox body section, sn95 section, so on and so fourth. Thanks.
  4. Make one classifieds ad then post a link to that ad in your signature.