Notchback leans really bad

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  1. Im about to buy a notch of my buddy and the only thing holding me back is that the right rear sits close to 3-4 inches lower than the left..all other corners of the car sit the perfect height. It was a former drag car so my concern is that its just been launched so hard that it twisted bad. But on the other hand it has aftermarket suspension. What im thinking is that they cut the spring to make it launch straight? Also all body panels, doors, and trunk lid line up perfect. ive attached pics but idk if they will work.

    profile_b32.png profile_b32.png
  2. left side
    right side
  3. Get under it and check the torque boxes. I would be a little worried about that rotted out rocker panel.
  4. Torque boxes are re-enforced and are mint..literally the only rot on the car is that one spot..everything else is immaculate
  5. i would have to say suspension issue
  6. Was the car setup for an air bag?
  7. doesn't look like it. from looking at it everything looks right, just sits low.
  8. Blown shock maybe
  9. Broken rear spring is my guess.
  10. im really thinking spring. my buddy said he'll put it in his garage on Tuesday and check it out. It better be the suspension or i'll be pissed lol.
  11. Maybe an isolator is missing back there it may have rotted away and come off and sitting unlevel
  12. Anyone know off hand how thick the stock isolators on top of the rear springs are? I'm sitting a little low out back myself. I replaced the stock springs up front with new stockers and cut half a coil off of each, but the front end still sits a smidge higher than the back end. I know the springs aren't broke, just original and sagging a bit.

    I plan on replacing the isolator for a thicker one, but I need to know how thick the stock one is first? :shrug:
  13. I can measure for you when I get home I have the isolators off my springs I had on my car
  14. If the car was launched so bad that it twisted the uni-body so much that it sits like that then you most likely wouldn't be able to open and close the doors and/or the body panels would be out of line.

    Likely broken spring, bent LCA or something suspension wise. If it is then i'd jack it up and at least check the floor pans and make sure they don't look wavy like a potato chip and the seats are still sitting normal and aren't twisted either.
  15. Thread jack :: but has anyone come across not one but two broken LCA lower control arm bolts? The bolts that attach them to the rear axle? I noticed this when I removed all the old stuff from my car this past month.
  16. When I took mine off, the lower bolts were corroded. I think that area likes to trap water and eat away at the bolts. Unless of course yours weren't rusty at all, then I have no clue lol
  17. I mean they were rusty but broken and look as if they were twisted and snapped it was the sei rdest thing
  18. Mine leans with all new suspension and no isolators. All doors line up fine. I stopped guessing and left it the way it was
  19. So...any update on this?
  20. This evening I will got caught up at work and didn't have a chance