Notchback Quarter Windows DONE!!!!

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  1. hey all hows it going. Well a buddy on another forum wanted to redo my quarter windows(notch) so I was like ok. Well all I can say is wow I dont have any before pics but enjoy the after pics. Also if anyone is interested in getting a set done PM me for details believe it or not cheaper than those covers they sale.

    also the guy that did the windows goes by BENT6 on contact him for further service or me and I'll forward it to him


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  2. I'm intrested, how much $ are you talking?
    Are they easy to take in and out? I've never messed with them before.
  3. Pm me for details I dont want the mods to :lock: this thread for talking about $.
    Please keep all $ details to the pm's

  4. Outstanding..really just good as factory from what I can tell and you can't ask for much more than that.
  5. pics does it no justice seriously
  6. If I hadn't spent so much time working the 'covers' to get them to fit right...I'd be PMing you now :)
  7. thanks and may I say your car is my inspiration to finish mine this spring

  8. Damn kind words..much appreciated. Now back to the pics..I see a business oportunity knocking..don't miss out!!.
  9. well not for me just giving this guy his props on a job well done

  10. manager position then ;)
  11. Those look very nice. I chose to refinish mine on the car, and I gotta say it's not a job that goes quick. I spent the better part of a day sanding.
  12. i just did a quik sand, 2 coats of filler primer, then hit them with duplicolor bumper coating, they came out 8 out of 10, thoose are at least a 9 out of 10.
    mines look as good as stock
  13. thanks for the kind words guys I really appreciate it. Thanks

  14. yea mines look good too.. i just sanded em down really good then threw on some primer and bumper coating spraypaint
  15. i covered mine with fibrglass resin, sanded them down, then painted them. they turnd out pretty desent
  16. Yeah PM with the details also... that looks real good and my rubber around my Quarter Panel Windows currently looks like ass:notnice:
  17. Everyone seems quite able at doing this themselves..but I have to admit, from all the 'reto' ones I've seen..the above pics are by far the best.
  18. Very nice!!! If and when I ever get mine repainted I will be losing the covers and refurbishing or replacing my 1/4's, but untill then its the covers for now.
    Nice Job:flag: