notchback vs 1999 mustang Gt

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  1. Hey in my earlier post I got smashed by a z28 with nitrious. Now I must beat something.By boy has a 1999 mustang gt vert with 3:73 gears and a vortech supercharger pushing 8psi he also has exhaust minus headers. I have a 90 notchback with 3:73 gears edelbrock intake 65mm bbk throttlebody bbk headers timing bumped to 14 degrees k&N filter with a 5spd and pullies. My question is if I bought a 75 shot of nitrious through zex be enough to give me a chance to win.
  2. u would get killed .
  3. Yea, I think you gotta chance w a 75 shot. A 99 Gt Vert is a hell of a lot heavier than a notch back.
  4. i think it would be close but i would guess the GT would still have you.

  5. He just said that he has a 90 notchback and his boy has a 99 vert.

    Never mind you changed your post.
  6. My friend runs a NX system on a bone stock 90 gt, I mean BONE STOCK, factory cats and everything. It dynoed at 305 rwhp and 455 rwtq on the spray. I think he's running a 75 shot but may be a 100 though. Can't beat nitrous for bang for the buck. Might want to get you some drag radials if you are going to run nitrous. That kind of torque will blow the tires off. My friends car actually slowed down on regular radials due to spinning through 3rd gear. He has been talking about selling his system but I hope he keeps it. We have a little bet going on who's car will be faster, his on the spray or my vortech supercharged Stang. He plans on running slicks, I'm going to run the new M/T drag radials. Now should I run my GT40 intake (more torque) or my new Cartech intake (more horsepower)? I will probably dyno it with both when I get a chip to dial in the 42lb injectors. Come on spring time, lol.
  7. didnt see it was a vert....closer race but i think he'll still have liek to match up against some tuff competetion huh? y dont u go find liek a bolt on stang to play with first? your going after SC/Nitroused cars with only intake, gears, pullies.
  8. Get a 125 shot.
  9. Mabye I am biting off more than I can chew. But if you had a 1971 bug for 4 years with a 1600cc motor and then picked up a mustang you would think your car was the S....t too. thanxs guys for saving me the embarassment. I will go to the local senior citizens center around 12pm and wait for an old lady to pull up in her buick regal give her the look and floor it......
  10. The 99 will take you if he knows how to drive...he would probably being pushing around 360rwhp with a decently good tune.

    Your 90 will probably have close to 300rwhp which is not enough to make up the weight difference in my opinion.

    Get the NX kit and race him for fun anywayz... :nice:

  11. u have a 90 gt.........put the 150 on it