notchback Vs Z28 ss ?

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  1. My friend has a 1999 z28 ss 6spd with flowmasters and headers he says that he runs 13.5 in the quater mile . I have a 1990 notchback 5 spd with timming bumped 14 degrees k&N filter bbk 65mm throttle body edelbrock intake manifold, underdrive pullies flowmasters with no cats and 3:73 gears . Will I be able to nip him in the quater mile. Thanxs for your help.

  2. probably not.. Even if you put slicks on your car you may give him a challenge but beating him might be tough unless your a better driver then him.. But go for it, good luck :nice:
  3. Can you get your hands on some sticky tires????

    Check my sig and you can see what I am running... Its similar to you [my engine is bone stock and I still have stock H pipe] and I run 13.11 @ 102 MPH on slicks.

    I have raced a a few LS1 SS cars from around town.

    Most recent one was a 1998 SS SLP [its an LS1] 6 speed had the ZR1 style rims.. I know it was a bone stock one but had the factory SLP cat back... Anyways I was on my Walmart Radial GT street tires and I started pulling away ever so slowly from a stop light till we let off around 60 MPH. My car hooks on its street tires though... 27.5" tall 255s w/ a 9" contact patch :banana:

    Next one was a red 2002 SS Camaro Z 28 convertable with the weird checkered flag graphics. This one was an auto. [we asked him] Got eachother at a red light. We left on the green, and the same thing happened. :shrug: I started pulling away slowly and so he just let right off. :mad: I hate when perople do that.

    Last one was a 2000 SS Camaro 6 speed. Dunno if it was a factory SLP or just some aftermarket exhuast, but it's exhaust wasnt stock... My cars mods were all the same as the sig/webpage but I had not put the 3.73s or the 65mm T body in yet.. still had the 3.08s. We left the light slow... and while rolling he nodded and nailed and I was floored as soon as I heard his car burp. He had his nose in front of my nose maybe 2 feet.. and it just stayed that way alll the way up till about 75 MPH till we backed out of it it.

    Stock MAF on your car? Jerk the screen out if you havent. Sway bar still on? Yank it off. And if you can get your hands on some good sticky tires I think you'll take him off the line and he will be playing catch up. Street tires... If he holeshots you, its probably game over.
  4. Yea if the SS gets traction game over lol.. I had that problem against my friends 98 Trans am.. His was all stock, not even a K+N and ran 13.0 on drag radials.. Can't ever underestimate GM's performance even though its crappy hehe :notnice: :banana:
  5. That dude has alot more room for improvement with a LS-1 6 speed, I'm thinkin he should be runnin low 13's maybe even high 12's. My friend ran mid-13's with his '99 T/A AOD with just exhaust and an SLP CAI with I think stock 3.23 rear.
  6. Your alot lighter than the SS. I would say it will be a good race. Plus you have the manifold. If you can afford some sticky tires. I think you'll he beat him. Good luck.
  7. Get yourself a set of 26x8.5 slicks and ask your buddy to let you get the "smack"(leave first) and you should be able to hold him off....You might get there first but he is gonna run some good mph on that other end.
  8. Thanxs guys I will race him today after I coach a football game . I will let you guys know what happened ..
  9. If he is only runnin 13.50's w/ those mods he must not be much of a driver, make sure all your runs are from a dig and you could proabably hold him off til the 1/4. My SS was an auto and with a lid and 3.73's i ran a 13.2 @107 on street tires 2.1 60' and w/ headers and exhaust i ran an 12.66 @110 on nittos.
  10. I have basically the same mods as you, and an SS in street form would walk me decently (especially up top with my traps). Get some tires and run him and you should take him if he is a mid 13s car!
  11. Hey I raced him or should I say we were on the same street he smoked me from start to finish he beat me by about 8 cars. After the race was over he opened his hood and showed me his new zex nitrous kit. He told me that he wanted to suprise me. I have about 1200 dollars I can spend on my car now what should I do. Even though I lost their is no sound like a 5.0...

  12. Buy some Edlebrock heads to go with your intake.

    I don't know much about Camero's and I don't know the difference between say a 99 and an 02, but my friend has an 02 SS and that thing is fast!
    I've raced him, and let's just say it was real close.
  13. It'll take more then heads to beat that SS now.. Don't forget the mustang only has the 302 compared to the 350 with nitrous.. you may want to get nitrous and heads.. I've seen a 00 SS stock with 100 shot of nitro and exhaust at the track do high 11's.. It will take a bit more now to catch up to him..

    good luck, keep us informed on wut you do :flag:

  14. Hey L8 MUSL.. Did you get your car dyno tuned yet?? if not save the money and have it done.. Its a must with any power adder.. I gain 100rwhp with my tune after putting in my procharger on the stock long block.. Only cost me $500 for the chip with as many dyno pulls it took to get it tuned.. I had mine done by Jimmy LaRocca over here on the East coast (new jersey) In my opinion he's the best mustang tuner in the US..