Notchback's Aye Or Nay?

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  1. I'm more of a nay.
  2. I like notches. They're pretty rare to find in really good nick.
  3. I used to be a nayer. But I have seen quite a few lately that I would love to have.
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  4. I like them. Especially the ones with the top removed.

    Like mine:nice:
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  5. I think the con census is going to be aye. I like them. But I like all fox bodies. I'd rather have a notch over a hatch. They're lighter
  6. Big AYE for the Notchbacks. Love'em!!!!!
  7. I like them. Especially ones tastefully done with the right wheels. The only thing I don't like is unpainted side moldings, on any fox. Body color FTW.
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  8. I like them, however I would not pay the inflated prices for one over a hatch.
  9. if maintained well, the unpainted side moldings with the right color can look very nice!
  10. They're making a come up with a few i've seen on here :nice:
  11. Completely agree on aero nose cars. Kinda like the black moldings on my red 86
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  12. Pros, lighter, stiffer, less potential for rattles and squeeks and everyone thinks they are 4cyl.
    Cons, often dismissed as it is not a GT, everyone thinks they are 4cyl, standard interior not as nice as GT.
    I prefer the look of the notch and quite like mine which has the GT interior (seats, carpet, pwr mirrors) and is otherwise optionless.
    If I were shopping for one today, I would select the cleanest, straightest most original I could find be it LX notch, hatch or GT... body style would take a back seat.
  13. If i could order a fox anyway I'd like right now...

    87-88 T-top LX notchback 5-spd
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  14. I like them too. Especially with a tubbed rear and a parachute out back.
  15. I like them, kind of rare around here unless you can put new floor pans in. I have no means. I understand they're lighter and the trunk gives them a sleek look but I like how beefy the hatch looks out back as well.
  16. Wasn't really into them until i seen this one.

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  17. Looks are deceiving. The Notch's are actually "beefier" (from a structural integrity point anyway) than Hatchbacks.
  18. I was just talking about looks, how they have a fast back kind of look. Are they stronger because they have the bulkhead separating trunk from the cab adds structure?
  19. I think the no spoiler is what kills them for me. A GT or Cobra style spoiler would be sweet. Notchbacks with saleen spoilers look too much like an MR2 for my tastes