Notchback's Aye Or Nay?

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  1. The problem with that analogy is that the top half of that lunchbox is adding an equal amount of it's own torsional rigidity to your overall ability to twist said item. The hatch on the Mustang would be the equivalent of bolting a piece of cardboard in place of the lunchbox lid and then expecting it to have some significant impact on your ability to twist the box.

    I suppose I can conceded that the hatch will offer some sort of resistance, but the effect is so negligible that it is in all practical purposes non-existent. But, we will just have to agree to disagree on this effect because neither of us can produce any numbers to prove it one way or the other.

    The weight savings aren't in so bad a spot as you think. The weight of the hatch is quite high up on the car which is bad from a handling perspective. Given the percentage change in front to rear bias from the slightly less than 20 lbs you save from going to fiberglass from steel, I think it is still a net gain. Plus, as I've always said, you can always add ballast down low if you want more weight on the rear. Of course, no one adds weight unless they are trying to meet a minimum weight rule.

    One other thing. Fiberglass doesn't rust :)
  2. oh i dont know, it depends on the execution;

  3. Yeah, they don't look bad, but I wouldn't personally put a spoiler on a Notch. I like a cowl hood make the front of the car big and then tapers down to the narrow trunk area. Its hard to explain, makes it look like a speeding bullet LOL. Just personal taste I guess.
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  4. Wow! Are the SN95s made out of lead or something?
  5. And the new ones have IRS which is usually heavier!!? WTH!?
  6. like i say, its all in the execution of the look that one is going for. and if you dont like it, dont build yours that way, your choice.:nice:
  7. Agreed. Must admit the 2nd from last pic looks very clean indeed.
  8. cept for the painted door trim and mirrors, yuck.
  9. I'm an azz man. They have no azz
  10. It depends on what your goal is and where you live. I'm in South Florida, and I'm not racing it so the vert makes sense. Up North as a DD, or if you plan on racing it, I'd look for a notch. This is my 3rd fox vert. You need to add subframes at a minimum as they flex like a pretzel without them and are prone to the dreaded cowl shake. A strut brace is also a good piece to add.

    Know that with any vert, plan on a new top ($1000 ish) every 5-7 years.

    IMO there is nothing better than on a nice sunny day dropping the top and driving down A1A.
  11. @mikestang63 Thanks, I'm currently in GA but am a Miami native. In the winter it's definitely colder than I like. I like old school blowers and would love to do road course.
  12. If I lived in the south I'd def own a convertible.
  13. well then we have similar tastes, thats the one i like best also.:D:D

    i dont know grover, i will admit that the door trim does look better in black, unless he went the full route and had painted the side window trim body color also.
  14. No, the 2015 is going to be 200 Lbs lighter than the current Mustang.
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  15. Ooohhh, that makes more sense.
  16. Can only get away with that unless it's a dark color, mine is painted on the door trim too but it's soooo dark it's almost undetectable. My mirrors are still black though.
  17. Oops my bad:nonono:
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  18. I prefer a hatch but some notch's look awesome.
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  19. C'mon how do you not like a clean notch
  20. IMG_2937.jpg

    Nay for sure
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