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Discussion in 'The Welcome Wagon' started by cobra525, Oct 18, 2011.

  1. Hi. I'm getting excited about my car after almost 10 years of letting it sit in the garage, so I thought I'd join in some forums that didn't exist the first time I built it:rlaugh: So here I am, new here, but not to the forum world

  2. :scratch: so is this an imaginary car :shrug: I've some how missed all the details, but welcome to the forum
  3. Sorry if I missed where I was required to give details about my car. I just thought this was an intro thread:D

    '93 Cobra, fairly stock. 12lbs of Procharged boost made short work of head gaskests, so I am going to button up a .030" over 351 this winter. Possibly a MM torque arm kit and definately a 5 lug BB kit with some 18's.
  4. pics work even better than details :D have fun working on it
  5. I am a horrible Mustang owner, I don't have any. I will start a progress thread when I drag it out of the garage to work on it.
  6. Not a bad idea they work good. One guy has one he was showing but it kind of died out, that or on hold due to funds from this lovely economy we are all in right now. Not complaining about my situation, I got one of those guaranteed type of paychecks. Only problem with those is that you're not labeled by a person anymore, you turn into a peice of "disposable" property for the government.