1. Hey Daggar... I need your approval on the previous joke ^^^^

    What's your opinion?

  2. Hmmmm.... The Fun-O-Meter goes about half scale. 3 points off for intentional humor attempts. *tap-tap-tap-tap-ringup-tap-tap*.

    Mildly humorous! "lol" in small letters may be posted in response to your joke. :)
  3. :rlaugh:
  4. ( in deepest most authoratative sounding voice ) "Remember kids, aim the eye that blinks, not the eye that stinks."

    and if i am going to send your grandmother back her stuff, she's got to give me back my coca-cola shirt and my continuous play cassette of Milli Vanilli & Micheal Jackson Present The Gender Bending Duets Of The Century. And if she's peeled any of the labels off my Rubik's cube I'm going on a shooting spree.
  5. :eek:

    *runs to grammy's room with hand full of stickers*

    Oh $%*&!!!!! What in teh heck order do these go in? :shrug:

    *starts afelbatizing*
  6. Are you "alphabetizing" colored stickers? :shrug:

    Would colors be alphebetized or should they be organized according to ROYGBIV?

    By the way none of you guys are allowed to meet my granny. :nonono:
  7. Cool Grandma Quote...

    Many granmothers want to see their grandsons settle down and get married. :rolleyes:

    So, when I returned to college at age 27, my grandma told me...

    Maybe you can meet a young college girl, and raise her right.

    My mother would slap me if those words had come out of my mouth. :nonono:
  8. umm nothing

  9. This thread has NOTHING on the other one.
  10. You found it!!!! I went through and looked for this thread yesterday but couldn't find it.