Notice how the new models always make the current models look outdated?

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  1. I dont think that will happen with the 05 since it looks older than the current Mustang. I kind of like that. :p
  2. But this is the exact reason I opted out of buying a 10th anniversary Cobra. The advances in the chassis and suspension, weight distribution, and interior fit and finish are just a few reasons the 05 will be the car of choice for many people VS an 03/04.

    The styling may be retro, but the quality looks decades beyond the current car. So in that aspect, yes it does make the current car look out dated.
  3. the styling may well be "retro" but personally I think its totally modern. had the original bodystyles been different, this style would still rule.

    and yeah, the 03/04's look kinda cheesey to me now :)
  4. ME TOO !!!
  5. I think the '05 looks thoroughly modern, despite having classic design cues. And I think the 1999-2004 model looked outdated the day it went on sale, and that would have been true even if it was introduced in 1992. I always thought it was a step back from the 1994-1998 cars, and I see those as little more than a fox body with rounded corners and fake scoops. So yeah, the new model is going to make the current model look like even more of a dinosaur.

    Just my opinion, so no need to get pissed. :banana:
  6. Someone has stated this before, so I appologize in advance for stealing the thought:

    The 2005 stang looks like the car that should have evolved from the pre-Fox stangs. The fox stangs (and SN95) are a bit out of place, though very much respected. Now Ford has finally gotten back on track to where the stang should be headed.

    I love the retro look. The 2005 makes perfect sense to me and will be a car that can be enjoyed from many angles. I can't wait to see the view from the driver's seat.
  7. you know it! :D :D :D
  8. What do you mean that the 99-04 Mustang is a STEP BACK from the 94-98 cars??

    The 94-98 Mustangs all were rounded looking and they resembled the Mitsubishi Eclipse in styling and looks. The 94-98 Mustangs were FUGLY. They also had much lower horsepower than the 99-04 Mustangs. I suggest that you get your facts straight.

    On the other hand, the 99-04 Mustang is nicer looking, not rounded, much faster with more HP and Torque than the 94-98 Mustangs, and it doesn't look like a Mitsubishi Eclipse. These are the facts.
  9. 99-04 looks so cheap and plastic! even 94-98 was rounded, body shape is very nice. it is not plain flat as 99-04. headlights and hood are however nicer on 99 and that is all about it. and that grille on 99 is fugly*fugly
  10. I suggest you buy a dictionary and look up the words "fact" and "opinion". The only "fact" you have stated is that the 99-04 cars are faster, due to more power, which has nothing to do with design. It's hard to argue about design being outdated, because it's mostly subjective. If you have problems with people having a different opinion than you, you need help. But one thing I can say is that Ford took a step backwards in terms of aerodynamics with the 99-04 Mustang, and that is a fact. :p
  11. With what you are saying here you definitely like rounded looking cars. I don't. The 94-98 Mustangs are too rounded looking. Compare them with the 99-04 Mustang and you will see what I mean. A Mustang is not supposed to look round like the Mitsubishi Eclipse. I could of bought a Mustang in 1994 and 1997, but I didn't because the shape of the car didn't appeal to me. But when the 99's came out they looked more like a Mustang. I own 2 of them now.

    The whole point behind my post here is that auto manufacturers are making cars too rounded. They all look the same and they are ALL FUGLY. The extra HP and torque of the 99-04 Mustang makes up for the drag coefficient that they may lack. I don't really care for a lower drag coefficient in a car if it has high HP and torque like the 99-04 Mustang does. The high HP and torque compensates for this. I would rather have a car with a higher drag coefficient and higher HP and torque which is nicer looking than one which looks FUGLY and that is all rounded like the 94-98 Mitsubishi Eclipse Mustang. :owned:
  12. the 99-04 was considered "retro" with a "new edge" style. 2005 and 99-04 are a lot more similar then say the 94-98 and 2005.
  13. Retro is the ONLY WAY to go. I wouldn't say and beleive in this if Ford had made the Mustang nicer looking all thruout the years 1979-1998. The Mustang during all those years (1979-1998) may have been fast, but it sure was FUGLY. Their design did not coincide with the earlier 1960's and early 70's designs. Let's face it. Ford walked away from making a nice looking Mustang after 1973. They screwed up BIGTIME on the design of the Mustang and either made it too boxy (1979-1993) without the 1960's and early 70's Mustang design cues or they made it too rounded (1994-1998). Only in 1999 did Ford make the Mustang look more like it did back in its heyday during the 60's and early 70's. And now Ford is making the 2005 Mustang look even nicer. It's keeping its 1960's and early 1970's heritage design and styling with more modern looks and more features than ever that the 60's and early 70's Mustangs never had. Ford has finally done to the current Mustang what it should have done many years ago. They finally made it look like a Mustang and not like a shoebox or a rounded looking car like it once used to be.
  14. I agree. I'm tired of all the aero cars. Lets get back to making them look good.

  15. dude I think the foxes are lovely lookin, especially 87-93 :) hatchbacks are just :) I personally like all the mustangs designs, the mustang II a little less (but still cool), and the fox notchbacks a little less than that. I think its nice to have a car that doesn't look mostly the same for all its years *cough*vette*cough* :D
  16. 94mustang_gt.jpg


    Geez, these cars look exactly the same! I'd much rather be driving a 3600lb Fairmont with the aerodynamic properties of John Goodman. :banana:

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  17. Hey, now, them's fightin words where I come from. LOL. I've never had anyone confuse my car with an Eclipse, and I doubt anyone ever will.

    You're so big on the new retro Stangs, you know the SN-95s were considered retro when they came out too, right? They reintroduced the classic side scoops, triple element taillights, and symmetrical "dual cockpit" interior.
  18. most of us like the look, but the point we are just trying to prove is that they just don't look ANYTHING cosmetically like the original mustang. Ford had this generic Escort looking style during the 80's and most every car had this boxy look.
  19. what comes around goes the year 2050 we will think the new fox looking mustang is the ****
  20. you don't think it is? :rolleyes: