Notice how the new models always make the current models look outdated?

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  1. oh hell yea, thats why i still own one today....i love the foxes...
  2. oops, thought I detected some sarcasm, heh. I can't wait for an updated fox...longer and lower mmm me likey :)
  3. We all have different opinions. That's okay. At least Ford is trying to improve the looks of the Mustang. That's a good thing.
  4. Most definitely. I think a lot of automakers are so caught up with trying to make their cars stand out, they forget that different doesn't always mean better.
  5. Could someone post a side by side picture of the 94-98 and the 99-2003??

    I always thought they looked pretty much the same, except for the tail lights and fake scoop.
  6. well said :D

    And on another note the new mustangs look a bit outdated anyway. They have been out since 94..and you might say body style change in 99..but that was a minor facelift. They still look just alike. It will be nice to see the new mustang around.
  7. i think eclipses are nice cars :shrug:

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  8. I dont see anything really retro about the sn95. I like them and all but they look like a new style car as opposed to the 05.
  9. Dittos from me on the premise that the 99-04 wasn't that big of a departure from the 94-98, and there's nothing more "retro" about a 99-04 necessarily, unless you consider creases in metal "retro". I never heard anybody say "retro" when BMW and Cadillac went to edgier styling. Anyhow, here's an interesting piece of trivia for all you who think that the "fox years" (i.e., 1979-2004) didn't look anything like the original Mustangs. I agree, they really didn't at all (not even the 99-04, Mr. Jeremy). HOWEVER, they all shared something in common with the early car, something you don't notice at all until somebody (like me) brings it up. They all share basic primary dimensions with the early cars, actually 69-70 to be exact. What do I mean? If you take a custom-fitted Wolf or Covercraft car cover from a 69-70 sportroof and put it on, say, a 1998 coupe, the cover will fit perfectly, the mirror pockets line up perfectly, the antenna hole lines right up, the upward slope at the windshield, and the slope over the rear glass to the trunk, EVERYTHING lines up. So much so that those manufacturers sell the same exact 69-70 Mustang pattern for almost all 1979-2004 applications. The only time they have a different stock # for a modern car is when there's a big spoiler to deal with. Same deal with a 1988 GT or 1982 hatch or 1993 LX hatch, the fitted car cover you get is from the 69-70 sportroof pattern. If you've got a 79-93 coupe, you get the 69-70 coupe pattern. My point is that Ford obviously went into the design of the modern cars with the intent of retaining specific aspect points in the architecture of the car. Even thought they bear little resemblance, their PROFILES, and the placement of the mirrors, and the length of the front end up to the windshield, all those dimensions, are almost perfect matches to 69 & 70. So while the styling changed, certain underlying dimensions remained constant all these years, excluding the Mustang II.

    Lastly, nobody ever said my '97 S351 looked like an Eclipse, and I've never seen 506 h.p. show up on a Ford showroom from 99 to 04. Don't call my '97 FUGLY, and diss its power. That cuts deep man!!! :D
  10. Here they are for your viewing pleasure...

    94-98 GT

    99-04 GT

    2005 GT
  11. "So while the styling changed, certain underlying dimensions remained constant all these years, excluding the Mustang II."

    Thats because the mustang II resembled the 64-68 not the 69-70
  12. Pretty much so, here is a quick comparison:

    YEAR: 1965-6...1967-8..1969-70..1971-3..1974-8..1979-93..1994-8..1999-04...2005..

    LENGT: 181.6 ... 183.6 ... 187.4 .. 189.5 ..... 175 .... 179.1 .. 181.5 ... 183.2 .. 187.6
    WIDTH:. 68.2 .... 70.9 ..... 71.3 .... 74.1 .... 70.2 ..... 69.1 .... 71.8 .... 73.1 ... 72.1
    HEIGHT: 51.0 .... 51.8 ..... 50.3 .... 50.1 .... 50.3 ..... 51.9 .... 52.9 .... 53.1 ... 54.5
    WHLBA: 108.0 ... 108.0 ... 108.0 ..109.0 ..... 96.2 ... 100.4 ... 101.3 ...101.3 .. 107.1
    WGHT:. 2860 .... 2980 .... 3625 ... 3560 .... 3290 .... 3075 .... 3065 .... 3347 .. 3425
    F/R%:. 53/47 .. 56/44 ... 59/41 .. 57/43 ... 59/41 ... 59/41.... 57/43 ... 57/43 .. 53/47
    MODEL:289 V8 . 302 V8 . 428 V8 . 351 V8 . 302 V8 . 5.0 V8 . 5.0 V8 . 4.6L V8 . 4.6L V8

    The 1973 was about 4" longer @ 193.5" because its bumpers were spaced out due to the new bumper crash reqirements.
  13. Not to any owners of 65-68 Mustangs. We called them "Pentangs" because they were basically a Pinto with a Mustang-looking grille. Nowhere near the car that a "real" Mustang was, in the opinion of the day.

    As for the "round" styling, that is exactly what I didn't like about the difference from the concept car to the '05 supposed production car. They went from the clean, crisp style to a JellyBelly nose. Shows up really well in the photos in this thread.

    But lots of things can change between now and September.

    Good thing: I hear they are going to build them in the Mazda plant. Right?? If so, great; they have a good reputation there.
  14. The 99-04 have a lot of similarities with the 05... at first I liked the 94-98, but later I dispissed (sp) them...
  15. Yes. The new 2005 Mustangs will be built at the Mazda plant in Michigan. This is the exact same plant where they are building the Mazda 626 at. I think that it will be good because the Mazda cars are built with excellent quality. If the Mustang is going to be built in that same plant, there will be stringent quality control. That will be good.
  16. You mean the new Mazda6, which is already experiencing rust problems after about a year of production? :doh:
  17. Yes. The new 2005 Mustang is going to be built in the same exact plant where the Mazda6 is currently being built. Where did you get the information about the Mazda6 experiencing rust problems? WHERE on the Mazda6 is there a rust problem? This is the first time that I have heard about this. Please give me more information about this and tell me where I can get more information regarding the Mazda6 rust problem. I am curious to find out what's going on here. Thanks.
  18. Okay, I did some investigation work regarding the rust problem. Here is what happened at the Mazda6 plant:

    There was apparently a soapy solution which was applied to the Mazda6 cars which was supposed to help in the assembly of a particular moulding which was placed on the door sash. The soapy solution contained some chemical in it which caused rust to develop and appear in the door sash and seams. Mazda Corp. already remedied the problem. Any Mazda6 which was manufactured AFTER July 22, 2003 does NOT have the rust problem. So this rust problem was caused by a chemical in the soapy solution which was applied to the car during manufacturing. It's not a quality problem with the sheetmetal. Mazda no longer uses the soapy solution. So there is nothing to worry about here.
  19. Mr Ron Jeremy have you ever thought that maybe the SN95 Mustang looked so good that the Eclipse copied it considering it came out in 1995 which is a full year later than the stang was introduced!! :doh: