Nov. issue of Motor Trend: Auto GT goes 13.6 @ 99

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  1. Hmmm... Wonder how well they launched to get that? Basically seems like 03-04 Mach1 times. Anyone think a 5-speed with some DRs could hit low 13s?

    Not bad!! :nice:
  2. an auto, and a magazine time. wonder what people will get at the track
  3. hmmmm...are 12's with slicks too much to hope for
  4. Somebody scan the article, please!!
  5. Let the excuse making from (insert 05 hater here) begin.

    But I'll temper my enthusiam until I see it on paper(or pixels)and until I start seeing people back these times up on their own. But if it's true everybody go find and hug a Team Mustang engineer because they have truly made THE best mass production Mustang ever.
    Nice job.
  6. that's not too shabby for a magazine time. i remember one of the rags pulled a 15.x in a auto 99+ GT. and there have been several people who have pulled mid/low 14's in stock autos.
  7. That would be an amazing 0-60 time if it turns out to be true!
  8. How could you run a 5 second 0-60 and not be quicker than 13.8? Something isn't adding up.

  9. They tested a 99 GT and it ran a 14.0 1/4 and 5.4 0-60.
  10. That was a vert GT, with the Mach 1000 option.
  11. I love this quote from the MT article (for all you GTO lovers out there):


    That means all you current GTO owners will hav to upgrade! It'll be an interesting comparison between the 400HP GTO and any SE Mustangs we may see in the next year.

    Read more of the article at:

    The text of the article is posted farther down in the thread.
  12. nope, wasn't a vert. they were testing it against the monte carlo SS and dodge stratus. it did have the Mach 1000 tho. at any rate, even the vert with the Mach 1000 should easily run 14's.
  13. It's a possibility with maybe a few minor upgrades. :nice:
  14. btw the 05 didn't run 13.8....

    it ran 13.6!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  15. I wonder if all the trolls will now use this number. 13.6 is a nice number for bone stock.
  16. Someone on Brad's side typed up the entire article.

    He said the article clearly says the 1/4 time is 13.6 seconds. not 13.8

    The article also says that the ATX GT felt really strong in 1st, 2nd & 3rd gears, but it didn't feel as good in 4th or 5th. If the ATX car was shifting into 4th at or near the finish line, it would explain the low trap speed.
  17. Exactly with a 5 flat 0-60 the car should run atleast mid 13's which im sure it will.

  18. it did, ran 13.6
  19. **Trying not to get hopes up**
    Because frankly this is too good to be true. I'm waiting to wake up now but I'd love if this was true. It'd be some serious scoreboard time.
    Now I just hope it handles as good as it accelerates. Time to patiently wait for Ford to trump themselves with the Special editions now.

    EDIT: lol The GM boys are already ragging on it saying it's not any faster than an LT1 F-body while completely ignoring that this is from an automatic equiped car. :D