Nov. issue of Motor Trend: Auto GT goes 13.6 @ 99

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  1. Maybe they've moved on to LS2's that make 400 HP.


  2. Which are currently available only in cars that are $40K+. The cheap alternative will be the '05 GTO at $32K when it's available. It's a great engine but it needs to be in something cheaper.

  3. Ahhh, another brilliant argument from someone who has never driven the car he is talking about. I have driven the STi many times on the road and the track, and since you obvioulsy never have I will clue you in. If you take the car to redline and drop the clutch, guess what happens? NOTHING!! The car barely moves untill the RPMs drop back down and you get a nasty smell of burning clutch because of the REV LIMITER. Please go and drive a car before you argue against it because you really sound like a moron.
  4. Speaking of morons...

    Please tell me how the rev limiter has anything to do with smoking the clutch? That has a lot more to do with the tires having more grip than the clutch. I'm curious as to how the rev limiter gets involved. Do tell...

  5. From Car&Driver's test a few months back of Subaru's XT - about 3400 lbs. of soccer-mom driving station wagon - 210 HP; 2.5L turbo-4; 0-30 mph - 1.3 seconds (the quickest production car C&D has ever tested); 0-60 mph in 5.1 seconds; 1/4 mile in 13.8 at 97mph. Yup, it looks like Ford has finally evolved the Stang into a real performance vehicle that will (finally) just nip Subaru's small sport ute in straight line performance. EVOlution indeed.

    This one's been an entertaining read!!
  6. Not bad at all! It beats the WRX by a wide margin in acc.
    Does that means that the WRX is a POS? :rlaugh:

    3400?:bs: try 3289. What do you think the XT could do if it weighted 230lbs more, 2wd and automatic. Probably 15's!!! :rlaugh:

    Anyways the GT05 automatic beat it in accelaration. :owned:
  7. me crazy but I have never seen a Legacy with Recaro racing seats, a Momo steering wheel, suede door panels, STI specific gauges or racing pedals :owned:

  8. uve never seen a riced one then huh?
  9. You may not have seen many of mball's posts. So I'm giving you a heads up. Don't bring facts into a discussion with him. He either doesn't listen/ignores or twists it into something that fits his argument. But makes the fact completely untrue.

  10. Of course, mball here is the ONLY one here who would pay $17,000 for suede door panels, "racing" pedals, and a turbo.

    Have you figured out who runs a 12.9 in a bone stock STi yet, mball?


    Damn, how could I forget the Momo steering wheel?! That alone must be worth $5000!
  11. He heard it on an intraweb website
  12. WOW, that is great. Autos usually have a few mph slower trap speeds for some reason and almost always run a few tenths slower. If they got a [email protected] in an auto, a manual could be good for about [email protected] :nice:
  13. this would be the legacy STI

    Legacy STI

    im sure it has all those recaro this and momo that you were talking about earlier
  14. Damn, so Mball is on this thread again, Jesus, get a life kiddo.

    I see you are getting owned left and right again.

    To anybody else don't give this kid the time of the day, he is not worth arguing with, he is biased and when he can't counter your point with something intelligent, then he just won't answer.

    I think whenever you see him post just ignore him. I bet he will go into a corner and start crying.

    You are giving import enthusiasts and car enthusiasts (real ones) a bad name. And a car enthusiasts is what you claim to be right....................... :rolleyes:
  15. Yes, I agree, please, do tell us how a rev limiter has anything to do with the smell of the inadequate clutch burning. We're all waiting, as the more you type, the funnier your total dunce-ity with everything automotive becomes. Do you know how a clutch works? How a rev-limiter works? Evidently the answer to both questions is "no". Basically, all you've told us is that the Evo has a clutch that can't hold par with the driveline of the car. So I'M the moron? Everything I said was dead accurate, and you respond with this idiotic reply that if I drove the car, then I would know that the clutch is too weak for a full-boogie launch, and that the smell of the burning clutch is attributed somehow to the rev limiter?? You know, you guys are right. I'm arguing with Chuckles the Clown. It's getting to the point that we need to just abandon the forum for a week or two such that the trolls and the kids who don't know a clutch from a decklid wing will find better things to amuse them.. I'll confess that I'm one of the worst when it comes to allowing myself to get sucked-in by the brainless... It's like a black hole in space, a vacuum, that sucks you into oblivion...
  16. Wow..... All of those, I might add, items that are readily available through the J.C. Whitney catalog..... :LOL:!!!!
  17. Actually, most of this stuff -- Recaro seats, Momo steering especially -- is very good and highly functional stuff, not the cheap, tacky make-believe performance ornaments found on so many ricers (and on the outside of a certain current, unnamed American RWD V8 performance car).

    Both the EVO and STi have a raft of very serious and extremely functional performance enhancements on their structures, drivetrains and chassis that accounts for most of their price differential to their econocar roots. To brush off this serious engineering as fluff is either ill-informed or disingenuous.

    Not to argue that one has to like or prefer their approach to performance, but it is very well thought out, executed and extremely effective approach. And while they certainly won't beat a Stang in every performance measure, they are extremely fast across a wide scope of performance venues, certainly more capable over a wider range of venues than a Mustang, and are serious and impressive performance cars in their own right.

    I'm not bashing the Stang, but rather, am giving all these cars their due respect. All three are excellent performance machines with their respective strengths and weaknesses, but all excellent nonetheless. I'd be overjoyed to have any one of them sitting in my driveway, each for their own unique talents, qualities and character.
  18. Maybe I can explain it. You see the EVO is SOOOO high tech. The put a rev limiter on the clutch.That way you can't go over the redline on both the clutch and the engine. :D And if you look real close there is a tachometer on the muffler for the muffler bearings. :lol:
  19. I think there is a misunderstanding here about the rev limiters.

    What these pro-econo-box-racer-geeks are trying to explain with the rev-limiter which is a common feature in many econo-boxes is a neutral rev limiter. I have seen it on chrysler automatics and others. Put the car in neutral, rev the engine and the limiter comes in a 4k or so. It is designed to keep someone from inadvertantly breaking any number of things. It is most likely the same design for the evo, If the tranny has no load or clutch is depressed the secondary rev-limiter is on. I can guarantee that you would break a cv-axle or fry the clutch if you didn't have that and were trying to launch and EVO at the true redline.

    but still don't complain about launching when you have AWD.
  20. I know all about the neutral rev limiters, my Lincoln LS V8 had one. Besides, the way that those function still has absolutely no relationship with mball stating that the clutch was spinning "because" of the rev limiter. If anything, a neutral rev limiter would protect the clutch from being overpowered, not encourage it... However you look at it, it's a ludicrous statement..