Nov. issue of Motor Trend: Auto GT goes 13.6 @ 99

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  1. yah he would be the idiot, smoking the clutch on a brand new car out at the track. Whats that smell... oh ahhhh ahh thats the rev limiter. right......(sarcasm)
  2. Well I was actually saving up to get an EVO than I saw the new Mustang GT and now I'm saving up for that and positive that is going to be my next car. Exterior and Interior in the stang is better than the EVO. No where else can you you get a 300hp NA car for 25K. Oh and RWD is what real sports cars have. This is a car celebrating a 40 year American tradition. And I'm going to own a piece of it.
  3. The MTX Lincoln LSs do NOT have a neutral rev limiter.
    The ATX Lincoln LSs have a neutral rev limiter to prevent someone from reving it up and then dropping it into drive or reverse which could damage the trannie.

    I would expect the '05 Mustangs to be the same. ATXs will have a neutral rev limiter, the MTXs will NOT.