NOVI 2000 owners, I have a question.

Discussion in 'SN95 4.6L Mustang Tech' started by Primo, Oct 31, 2003.

  1. I have an Intercooled Novi 2000 and was wondering if you guys are experiencing oil has saturated any of the discharge pipes. I think I am blowing oil out of my oil return line, but it is not a huge amount. I never leak oil onto the ground but you can tell that it is being sprayed out of the oil return line. This line is clamped on very tight as well. :shrug: Is anyone else experiencing this? Overall, I have had this kit on for over 4 months now and love it. I just wonder if I should kick up the boost? I am very pleased with the amount of horse power I have now. I have pulled on many vettes and f-bodies. I just don't know if I want to push the limits of the stock block.
  2. What is probably happening is the blower is taking in oil from the hose that goes from the driver side breather to the supercharger inlet pipe. Mine was doing this. Then the oil is collecting in the supercharger and leaking out the case. It appears like the oil drain hose leaks but it probably isn't. Take off the inlet pipe and see if there is oil inside, if so than that is the problem. To correct it install an 03 Cobra PCV and if it still does it install an oil trap in the breather hose.
  3. Are you seeing the oil or smelling it?
  4. It's not the Drivers side breather, I have a trap setup. If you were to put oil in a spray bottle and spray it on the discharge tube and drive around to collect dirt and dust, that's what it looks like. Yet, I park in the garage every night and never had a spot of oil leak though :shrug: .
  5. Mine has the other problem I explained. Still not sure if the Cobra PCV totally cured it yet.
  6. JPsNOVI2kGT got it exactly right. Thoe 2 things are the problem. If you have aluminum valve covers its even worse and requires a fix.
    The trap is a must with out it you will have oil collecting in the bottom of your intake pooling up and depleting your octane level as it atomizes...and could lead to detonation.
    the #EVB 98 PCV fixes most of the problem. [email protected] you can still get bvoost pressurizing the case past that valve and this is the fix.
    This guy has sold thousands of these. even the pcv valve built specifically for the buick grand national leaked and this fixed it. Its an old problem and this is a fix thats proven itself ...on my car...and many others.

    GI Joe
  7. Well today I took apart my SC pluming. I found something very interesting for you Paxton Intercooled folks. Not only did I have oil saturating my pipes like plaque on arteries, but I had pools of oil sitting in my itercoolers inlet and outlet junctions. I cleaned out all of the oil from the piping and intercooler and I am going to put a breather on my drivers side valve cover for a week to see what happens. Yes, I know that I will have unmetered air for a week but I am going for my own process of elimination experiment. I would assume if this was the culprit, I will have oil spraying out of the breather and not into my pipes. I hope I don't have a bad seal in my head unit. I guess I'll find out in a week. For those who have the same SC and intercooler, I would suggest taking a look at the bottom of your intercooler just to see if you are having the same problem I am having.
  8. If the oil is coming from the breather, why didn't it get caught in the trap? After my drive home from T&J I pulled the breather hose off of my boost pipe and it was bone dry inside. I'm still debating on if I will need a trap.
  9. Well before anyone panics...this is not a paxton problem...this is a S/C problem...Its not new either. This old fart that lives beside me told of how 20 years ago they use to put coffee cans on the fender well on each side and run a hose into the neck of the breather filter on each side to " catch the oil in a can" on cars with B&M blower because pressurizing the crankcase caused them to blow oil out. I had the same oil in my pax cooler with the little s trim . Try swapping to the pcv I reccommended and watch the problem go away. The pcv letting excessive boost past in and into the case is helping to push it out the other side.
    GI Joe
  10. Interesting.... I had to put a new belt on this weekend so I did some checking and it appears I am oil-free(at least in the right places). I didn't have any oil in the upper intake plenum and I didn't have any oil in the hoses running to my my power pipe. I guess the last PCV valve I put on solved the problem...
  11. Ya we all have Jeff and Tim to thank for that... :nice:
  12. GI Joe, are you talking about the #EVB 98 PCV? or the trap from southern customs? Or should I get both? You are the man, so I'll take your word and place an order today. From the way I understood your last post, I need to replace the PCV valve on my passengerside valve cover with the EVB 98 PCV? Where can I get this? Thanks.
  13. Primo the pcv valve has fixed the problem for most lightning and Mustangs. More than 13 lbs boost still need more because it will still pass by the pcv so I spent the $20 and ordered the additional part. No more oil problem. Before that I had lots
  14. Does the 03 Cobra PCV work as well as the #EVB 98 PCV? That was the solution Tim gave me.
  15. I think at the time Tim might have thought that the #98 was what was in the cobra...but I bought a cobra one and it would not fit my valve cover. The cobra one also has holes in it and allows air to go by it. The cobra one probably fits well in the stock valve cover but I have changed to the aluminum cover. you could probably use the cobra one and the Kuston shutoff valve and be safe well into the "teens" on boost. But by all means if you are running the cobra one and it works, use that. The lightning guys(Jeff) at T& "J" reccommended the 98 and it worked for me. To use it, the stock valve cover may require the use of an older grommet like from the 98 model car.
  16. Dave,

    I don't have a blower, but on a race car engines that run high compression and turn high rpm we have had a problem pressurizing the crankcase. Granted we use breathers on the one side rather than a pcv valve. What we found to work is if you cross breathe the motor, by running a tube from 1 valve cover to the other it equalized pressure and eliminated our oil leak problems. We have aluminum valve covers and welded a tube across the front of the intake with a rubber hose to hold them together. Like I said I don't know if this will help you but it worked for me. :nice:
  17. That sounds like something that would work for a blow thru MAF. The unique problem that a draw thru car has it that the air is metered and needs to be recirculated back into the intake from the breather side or else the car will be adding fuel for air that is not there but that it believes is there. The 02 sensors will read that rich mixture and correct and cause a lean condition It can be tuned though (re-tuned) to be vented through a breather. In fact if EPA is not an issue they will run with breathers on each side as you suggest. The pcv side gets bad at high boost because as apposed to the intake drawing fuel vapors in under vaccum as it should, it pressurizes via the tube from the intake and the boost sneaks by the pcv valve and creates the high internal crankcase pressure like in the race cars and it has to go it forces it out the breather side along with some oil. I attached the problem from all 3 angles. Trap on breather side, better pcv valve, and this pcv cut off that open at 2 lbs vacuum but under boost closes and prevents any further presuurizing of the case. I saw one guy try to cap his off ( not equalized but capped it off) and it blew the oil stick out going down the track..hehehe. I'll bet you';ve seen that too on high compression motors.
  18. GIJOE, You said you attacked it three different ways. A better PCV, the trap on the driverside, and the pcv cut off that opens at 2lbs of boost. Where can I find the PCV cut off? THANKS.
  19. It open at 2 lbs vacuum. Otherwise its always closed...just like the pcv

    The link is in the post above...Kustom southern...ect
  20. I'm trying to get the PCV valve mentioned in this thread, instead of #EVB 98 PCV could it be #EV 98B PCV? for a 96-98? I'm assuming it's the correct part.

    I'm having the same problem described above.