NOVI 2000 Supercharger kit, PP, extra pulley for FOX

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  1. Band new Paxton NOVI 2000 supercharger for a 5.0L ford.
    This was intended for my 93 Ford Mustang Cobra however I have decided to go another direction. It can be used on any Windsor small block ford with ease, 289-302-351. This Blower is a brand new, still under warranty unit ready to be installed on your ride! (originally purchased on December 1, 2009, original sales receipt included).

    Polished head unit and polished inlet tube KIT rated from 8 to 26 psi of boost (8# pulley installed from factory, 12# pulley included with sale, $130 value!!), 10 Rib set up, all parts included, still in factory wrapping (see pics). Get this cheaper than a non-polished kit! A new UPR ABS plastic Boost pipe is also included, another $130 value!!

    SOLD :flag:

    Items included (all new):
    • Paxton Polished Tuner kit, part number 1001810-1P (Lists for $3880)
    • Paxton 10 rib 3.25” Pulley (good for ~12 psi boost), part number 4PFA031-325 (Lists for $132)
    • UPR Power pipe 87-95 Mustang Plastic ABS Boostmaster Tube - 5015-PL (Lists for $129+ ship)

    See Paxton’s web site for full details,
    1986-1993 Mustang Supercharger System - Hi Boost | Paxton Superchargers
  2. Blower and all parts have been SOLD.
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Not open for further replies.