Novice needs advice on an optimal engine/computer setup

02 281 GT

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Feb 3, 2009
So have absolutely no experience with self-tuning anything other than a stock computer with the usual SCT chip nonsense. I'm looking to make some upgrades to my 1990 Grand Marquis; however, I need some advice on what would be the optimal setup.

What I have now: 1990 Mercury Grand Marquis. All stock.

What my plans are: 1995 Mustang GT 302 block, GT40 heads and cam from 1994 Mustang Cobra. The car will continue to be daily driven and will not be raced. I'm just looking for more power throughout the RPM range than the current standard 150hp 5.0 offers. I know how to solder, so a DIY kit isn't out of the question.

  1. The engine will essentially be a 1994-1995 Cobra engine. I have an Explorer intake and 65mm throttle body that I will be using. I'm planning to use 19# injectors and a 190lph pump (unless the gurus believe that will be insufficient).
  2. I also need some advice on the transmission. It's equipped with an AOD that is virtually identical to that which came in Mustangs of the same year. The only differences are the torque converter and a slight difference in the valving that ensures lower shift points to match the standard 5.0 torque curve. I imagine a shift kit and a slightly upgraded torque converter would be in order? I'm only looking to match the transmission to the engine. I'd love to upgrade to a 4R70W, but that would necessitate a transmission controller (I think?). I'm not looking to spend that kind of money.
  3. The cruise control servo on 1990-1991 Grand Marquis and Crown Vics is controlled by the computer. Would it be possible to add this functionality to something like a MegaSquirt setup?
  4. I'm planning to upgrade the 2.73:1 open rear end to a 3.27:1 locker.
  5. I'd like to stay speed density if I can.
That's about all I can think of at the moment. It's a mild setup I'm going for. I was originally planning to use a Lincoln Mark VII computer since it also controls the cruise control servo; however, there's no guarantee it would be able to keep it from running too lean. I could get my hands on an A9P and go mass air, but those computers are crazy expensive now even if they're used. I'd also lose the cruise control. I would retrofit a servo from a 1989 and earlier Grand Marquis/Crown Vic, but I haven't really looked into that.
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