now im confused

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  1. im getting ready to order a new set of flowmasters so in the new jegs mag they are listed as 40 series street and strip 2 chamber part# 42543, well in the new summit mag it says 40 series 2 chamber and something about reducing sound waves with angled baffles or some crap but the part number on these are the same as the originals are supposed to be both are numbered 42543, im trying to order the original 40 series but if i give them that part number im thinkin they will send me the wrong ones, i already have a flowmaster catback that i got a few years ago because IT said that it came with the most aggressive sounding mufflers only to find out that they are definately not the original 40s. Anyone have any idea with flowmaster is the loudest besides the 1 chamber ones (i've never heard any 1 chamber flows but i assume they would make you sound like a truck maybe?
  2. ask for super 40's. they flow better and are just as loud as th originals
  3. ok now im really confused because awhile back there was the whole thread about how the super 40s and the deltas were the same muffler, i just want to make sure i can still get the original 40s
  4. delta flows and super 40's are different. the super 40's have a delta design, but are louder than regular delta 40's. too many people complained about them being too quiet, so they came out with the super 40' can still get the original 40's. if that is what you truly want phone the order in and specify that youwant flowmaster original 40 mufflers.
  5. Thank you! That is the answer that i was lookin for, i just hope the send me the right mufflers when i order them.